Preparation of Vegetable Garden and Pond in School

Government of West Bengal
Office of the District Inspector of Schools
Secondary Education
P.O. Krishnagar, Dist. Nadia

Memo No: 479(641)/Gen/SE Dated: 02.09.2013

From: The District Inspector of Schools(SE), Nadia
P.O. Krishnagar, Dist. Nadia.

To: The Secretary/ Administrator/ Headmaster/ Headmistress/ T.I.C
_____________________________ School/ Madrasah
P.O. _________________________ Dist. Nadia.

Sub: Preparation Vegetable Garden and pond in the School.

In reference to above I would like to inform you that the District Magistrate, Nadia has decided to bring convergence in the MNERGA programme in rural area with preparation of vegetable garden in School/Madrasah and fishery in ponds (if available). All the components like seeds, plants, labour etc. will be supplied by the local administration. So please select the open space in your School/ Madrasah amounting 1.00 sathak in any shape in which the vegetable garden may be prepared and also allow your pond (if available) to prepare for fishery in similar manner. Detail of Scheme is available with local administration. Please keep close contact with B.D.O. office. For the above purpose the date 02.09.2013 has seen fixed for starting of the programme. Please get ready everything to prepare the vegetable garden and ponds on 02.09.2013 to make it a grand success. Your early response is solicited.

Sd/- District Inspector of Schools (SE), Nadia

No. 479/Gen/SE dated 02.09.2013