Provident Fund Maintenance in Non-Government Institutions

Reconstitution of the Committee vide No. 1890-F dated 18.04.2024

Reconstitution of the Committee vide No. 3623-F dated 23.12.2020

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Nabanna, 12th Floor
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah-711102

No:- 774-F(Y) Date:- 28/01/2019


Sub: “Reforms in Provident Fund Maintenance in Non-Government Institutions”

The management and maintenance of Provident Fund of employees in Non-Government educational institutions, Panchayat Raj Institutions, Urban Local Bodies and other similar institutions is being done manually. The necessity of bringing reforms in the maintenance of Provident Fund of employees in those institutions has been under active consideration of the State Government. The reforms will aim at undertaking extensive process re-engineering, development of an application software, standardization and uniformity of processes, forms, reports, system-based calculation of interest and accounting, online services to such employees and other stakeholders and a better working environment to the officials and staff handling provident funds in such offices.

The new system will provide benefits such as real-time online services to the subscribers for accessing their Provident Fund Statements, withdrawing fund from Provident Fund Deposit Account and Final Settlement of Provident Fund entitlement.

Now, the Governor is pleased to constitute a Committee with following members to monitor and implement the objective:

1) Shri Pijush Kumar Poddar, Special Director, Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance (DPPG), West Bengal – Chairman of the Committee.

2) Shri Chandan Kumar Rudra, Joint Director, DPPG, West Bengal.

3) Shri Debashis Mitra, Deputy Director, DPPG, West Bengal – Convener of the Committee.

4) Shri Soumya Banerjee, Deputy Director, Directorate of Treasury and Accounts.

5) Smt Nabonita Purkait, OSD & EO, Assistant Secretary, e-Governance Group, Finance Department.

6) Any other member as may be co-opted by the Committee.

The brief description of the role and responsibilities of the Committee has been given in Annexure-A. The Committee shall start functioning with immediate effect.

Sd/- P.A. Siddiqui
Finance Department
Government of West Bengal

No. 774-F dated 28.01.2019, Source

Annexure- A
GO No. 774-F(Y) Dated 28/01/2019

Role and Responsibilities of the Committee for Reforms in Provident Fund Maintenance in Non-Government Institutions

1) Revision of Provident Fund Act/Rules

To consider revision in Act/Rules with an objective to simplify the existing procedures, to attain parity/uniformity among the different Provident Fund Rules for different institutions and to remove ambiguities in the Rules.

2) Monitoring Application Development

To prepare the Functional Requirement Specifications (FRS) and to recommend to the government and to play an active role in design, development, testing and deployment of the application software in sync with Proposed Revision in Rules in close consultation with e-Governance Group, Finance Department.

3) Assessment of various Provident Funds & their operators and liability of interest

To assess the Provident Funds & their operators and liability of operator wise/ year wise interest on Provident Fund due to be charged to State Government Accounts up to a Financial Year, say, 2019-20. To assess budget requirements for providing interest to various provident fund year wise and advise/ recommend to DPPG for taking up with Finance Department for arranging fund.

4) Strengthening of Office at DPPG and redefining the new role of DPPG in PF maintenance

To propose to the Government the steps for redefining the Role of Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance in the light of the proposed Revision in Rules and the detailed plan for strengthening of the Office at DPPG in terms of infrastructure and manpower.

5) Internal and Special audit for selected PF Administrator Offices

To propose to the Government the phase wise Internal Audit Plan on the basis of exception reports or any observation from e-Governance Group, Finance Department or any Treasury or any Administrative Department. To keep liaison with Internal Audit Wing, Finance Department and arrange for training of the Officers selected for audit in PF Administrator Offices. The Committee will suggest questionnaire pertaining to specific audit of the PF Operators for conducting such audit.

6) Training to Stakeholders

To suggest the contents and phasing of training of all stakeholders during the preparatory stage and during the implementation.

7) Coordination with Administrative Departments

To keep coordination with Nodal Officers from concerned Administrative Departments during the process.

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