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Receipt of Revenue by Various Departments through GRIPS

Inclusion of heads of accounts for revenue receipts administered by various departments of the State Government through GRIPS Portal. New heads have been included and earlier heads are deleted.

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Update: Rectification of Head of Accounts vide No. 6180-F dated 17.08.2015

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 2050-F(Y) Dated, 2nd March, 2015.


Sub: Inclusion of heads of accounts for revenue receipts administered by various departments of the State Government through GRIPS Portal

On-line receipt of State Government revenue through GRIPS portal has already been introduced vide FD memo no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 3.10.12. Subsequently a number of Government orders have been issued on procedural guidelines of such deposit. Deposit of Revenue receipts under several heads of accounts through GRIPS has already been made mandatory.

Now, the heads of accounts mentioned in the Annexure are included in the exiting list of heads of accounts for on-line and off-line deposit of Government revenue under the receipt heads through GRIPS portal. The Annexure contains some new heads related to VAT which need to be inserted in GRIPS anew consequent upon change in its existing heads of accounts. These new heads have been mentioned for inclusion and the earlier heads for deletion/ deactivation in the GRIPS Portal. The Public account head of “8443-00-1X6-002-07” of Transport Department is repeated in this order with concurrence of AGWB vide letter no. A.M. -I/3-37/XIII/1070 dt. 9.12.14, since earlier order for inclusion contained in FD memo. no. 2921-F(Y) dt. 3.6.14 was subject to approval of AGWB.

These heads of accounts are being incorporated in GRIPS for deposit of the receipt through all/ any of the participant bankers under the respective heads.

The Guidelines issued in this regard vide F.D notification no. 8298-F(Y) dt. 03.10.12, Memo. Nos. 9668-F(Y) dt. 30.11.12, 10578-F(Y) dt. 28.12.12, 5533-F(Y) dt. 09.07.13, and 3435-F(Y) dt. 1.7.14 will apply to collection of receipts under the heads in the Annexure as well.

Sd/- H.K.Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 2050-F dated 02.03.2015, Source


Department-wise Heads of accounts under which revenues can be deposited by the depositors through GRIPS portal:-

Commercial Tax, Finance Department
Account head Description
0040-00-111-001-35 WBVAT- Tax deducted at source
0040-00-111-001-03 West Bengal Value-Added Tax- Taxes
0040-00-111-001-06 West Bengal Value-Added Tax-Penalty
0040-00-111-001-16 West Bengal Value Added Tax-Late-Fee
0040-00-111-001-37 West Bengal Value Added Tax-Security Deposit
0040-00-111-001-07 West Bengal Value Added Tax-lnterest Receipts
Land & Land Reforms Dptt
0029-00-101-003-27 Collection from Estate Leased to Farmers – Lease Rent/Salami (LTS., STS)
0029-00-101-004-05 Collection of Revenue under Calcutta Tikha Tenancy-Rent
0029-00-101-009-04 Surcharge on LR under Rural Employment & Production Act, 1976 – Surcharge
0029-00-101-009-05 Surcharge on LR under RE & P Act, 1976-Rent
0029-00-101-010-05 Receipts from Farm holding Taxes – Rent
0029-00-101-017-30 Receipt of Base Lane Value paid by NHAI – Lease Rent/Salami
0029-00-800-027-27 Other Receipts -Other Receipts
0029-00-800-028-27 Fees for Mutation/Conversion – Other Receipts
0029-00-800-029-27 Fees for Certified copies of ROR/Plot Information/Plot Map etc. – Other Receipts
Directorate of Boilers, Labour Dptt
0230-00-103-001-14 Collection for inspection of Boilers
0230-00-103-002-27 Receipts towards travel expenses in connection with inspection of Boilers
Sundarban Affairs Dptt
0070-60-800-013-17 Sale proceeds of tender documents
0405-00-103-003-27 Sale proceeds of fish seed etc.
Public Works Dptt
0059-01-800-001-17 Collection from sale of dead stock, waste paper and other item, the cost of which was met from office expenses
0059-01-102-001-05 Collection from hire charge of machinery and equipment
1054-00-102-001-25 Collection from tolls on roads
1054-00-102-002-25 Collection from tolls on bridges
1054-00-102-003-27 Collection from Ferry Receipts
0216-02-105-001-05 Collection from Rental housing scheme (Housing Dptt)
Kolkata Police, Home Police Dptt
0055-00-103-004-06 Spot fines for violation of Traffic & Pollution Rule etc.
0055-00-104-001-13 Licence for Arms and Fire Works from Arms Act Department
0055-00-105-001-14 Fees for police supplied to Private Parties/Temporary Guards/Permanent Guards
0055-00-105-004-06 Fees under Police Act for Pass Section, Restaurant, Bar, Shop and Fees for Tent, Cinema of Maidan Section
0055-00-105-005-27 Misc receipts i.e., Tender cost, Fees for Post Mortem/Inquest related to Report Section, Book (Arms Licence)
0055-00-800-005-10 Recovery of Electricity Cost etc.
Food & Supplies Dptt
1456-00-800-001-27 License fees
MV Taxes, Transport Dptt
*8443-00-116-002-07 Deposit under West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Cess Act, 2010

*This head of account was opened by FD and ordered for inclusion in GRIPS porta! vide FD memo, no.2921-F(Y) dt. 3.6.14, subject to approval to the new head by AGWB. AGWB approved the head vide letter no. A.M. -I/3-37/XIII/1070 dt. 9.12.14. The money deposited under the Public Account may be withdrawn by the competent authority of Labour Department for the purpose of “West Bengal Motor Transport Workers’ Welfare Cess Act, 2010” following the provisions of WBTR.

Heads of accounts to be deactivated with effect from 31.3.15 (midnight)

Commercial Tax, Finance Department
0040-00-102-005-35 WBVAT-Tax deducted at source
0040-00-102-005-03 West Bengal Value-added Tax- Taxes
0040-00-102-005-06 West Bengal Value-added Tax-Penalty
0040-00-102-005-16 West Bengal Value Added Tax-Late-Fee
0040-00-102-005-07 West Bengal Value Added Tax-lnterest Receipts
0040-00-102-005-12 West Bengal Value Added Tax-Registration Fees
0040-00-102-005-37 West Bengal Value Added Tax-Security Deposit