Regularization of Unauthorized Auto-Rickshaws in Kolkata

12, R.N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata-700 001.

No. 5020-WT/TPT-18011/71/2020 Kolkata, the 20th December, 2022


Whereas, “Auto-rickshaw Policy of West Bengal, 2018” consisting of two parts viz. (I) General Policy and (II) Policy for regularization of unauthorized auto-rickshaws was framed by the Transport Department, Government of West Bengal vide notification No. 3944-WT/3M-01/2010 Pt.-II dated 14.08.2018; and

Whereas, 489 (four hundred eighty nine) autorickshaw routes with their respective permit strength within the present jurisdiction of RTA, Kolkata, was published vide Notification No. 5673-WT/3M-01/2010 (Pt.II) dated 10.12.2018 directing the RTA, Kolkata to limit the number of permits on autorickshaw plying in different routes within the jurisdiction of Kolkata, Howrah, Bidhannagar and Barrackpore Police Commissionerates; and

Whereas, regularization of unauthorized auto-rickshaws in the State in accordance with the “Auto-rickshaw Policy of West Bengal, 2018” issued vide notification No. 3944-WT/3M-01/2010 PI.-II dated 14.08.2018 was to be completed within 31.03.2019 as notified vide No. 1024-WT dated 06.03.2019; and

Whereas, it has come to notice of this Department that even after 31.03.2019 a large number of unauthorized auto-rickshaws are still plying on the routes/ areas falling within the present jurisdiction of Regional Transport Authority, Kolkata without having proper insurance certificate, registration certificate, tax receipt, permit, pollution under control certificate, as is required under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (Act of 59 of 1988) and Rules made thereunder; and

Whereas, a number of representations, suggestions and objections from different transport organizations, Regional Transport Offices, individuals as regards to alteration, addition of autorickshaw routes and enhancement of maximum permit strength in the route(s) notified vide No. 5673-WT/3M-01/2010 (Pt.II) dated 10.12.2018 and also for creation of new auto-rickshaw routes have been received in this Department from time to time after the expiry of maximum time as specified in Notification No. 1024-WT dated 06.03.2019 ; and

Whereas, the matter of further one-time regularization of such unauthorized auto-rickshaws plying even after 31.03.2019 was under active consideration of this Department realizing the safety and security of the passengers, travelling on such unauthorized auto-rickshaws, and their difficulties in getting legal assistance in case of any accident;

Now, Therefore, considering all these aspects the Governor is hereby pleased to constitute a Committee with the following members for consideration of the matter of further one-time regularization of unauthorized Auto-rickshaws plying after 31.03.2019 on the city-routes in Kolkata on ‘as is where is’ basis till the date of issuance of this Notification:

Member of the Committee:

  1. Director, Transport Directorate – Chairman
  2. Additional Director (Kolkata Zone), Transport Directorate – Member Convenor
  3. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Kolkata – Member
  4. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Bidhannagar Police Commissionerate – Member
  5. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Barrackpore Police Commissionerate – Member
  6. Dy. Commissioner of Police, Howrah Police Commissionerate – Member
  7. Sr. Law Officer, Transport Department – Member
  8. OSD (Armdam Mukherjee), Transport Department – Member
  9. Regional Transport Officer, North 24-Pgs. – Member
  10. Regional Transport Officer, South 24-Pgs. – Member
  11. Regional Transport Officer, Howrah – Member

The committee will examine all the representations received from different angles on the present issue and submit its report before the Transport Department with their specific views, suggestions, comments, recommendations within a period of 30 (thirty) days from the date of issuance of this Notification.

The committee will consider the following points while examining the representations:

  1. Route wise data of unregistered autos physically plying on road after 31.03.2019 with engine number and chassis number.
  2. Route wise data of registered autos having permit but physically plying on road in different routes after 31.03.2019.
  3. Route wise data of registered autos but does not have any permit, and physically plying on road in different routes after 31.03.2019.
  4. Whether the proposed routes are already included in the routes as notified vide No. 5673-WT/3M-01/2010 (Pt.II) dated 10.12.2018.

By order of the Governor

Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 5020-WT dated 20.12.2022, Source

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