Release of Fund from PAO & Treasury upto March, 2014


No. 8766-F(Y). Dated, Howrah the 12th December, 2013.


Sub: Consolidated instructions regarding release of fund from Kolkata Pay and Accounts Offices and Treasuries.

In continuation of this Department’s Memorandum No. 5346-F(Y), dated 03.07.2013, the undersigned is directed to state that the following types of bills may be passed in anticipation of allotment of fund for the period upto 31st March, 2014 :-

i) Salary/ Remuneration/ Wages.
ii) Honorarium and Additional Honorarium for I.C.D.S. staff and expenditure for running I.C.D.S. centres.
iii) Stipends in respect of Internees, House-staff, P.G. Students and Trainee Nurses of Medical Colleges and Hospitals of different nature under Health and Family Welfare Department.
iv) Office telephone bills.
v) Electricity charges of office establishments.
vi) Medical Reimbursement/ Advances under West Bengal Health Scheme, 2008.
vii) Medical Reimbursement under A.I.S. (M.A.) Rules drawn under the detailed head “07-Medical Reimbursement”.
viii) Diet and oxygen costs.
ix) Washing charges for hospital linens used in hospitals.
x) Cost of postage stamp and Franking Machine charges.
xi) Cost of disposal of unclaimed dead bodies.
xii) Salary of doctors appointed by Health and Family Welfare Department on ad-hoc basis.
xiii) Charges for scavenging by service providers engaged by Health and Family Welfare Department.
xiv) Charges of security agencies engaged by Health and Family Welfare Department.
xv) Medical Reimbursement/ Advances in respect of Judicial Officers including retired Judicial Officers governed by separate Rules.
xvi) State share of Pension of Freedom Fighters.
xvii) Old Age Pension and Widow Pension drawn under the Major head “2235”.
xviii) Funeral expenses.

2. This relaxation of allotment of fund is not applicable in those cases where no allotment of fund has at all been received by the office under the relevant detailed head of account upto December, 2013.

3. Other instructions contained in Finance Department’s Memorandum No. 2470-F(Y), dated 31.03.2010 shall continue to remain in force during the financial year 2013-2014.

4. All the Departments are requested to make available to all offices under its control necessary allotment of fund within the last working day of the financial year 2013-2014 to square off the shortfall under various detailed heads for which bills were passed by the Treasuries/ Pay and Accounts Offices in anticipation of allotment of fund.

Sd/- G. Samanta.
Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal.

No. 8766-F dated 12.12.2013, Source

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