Reservation of Cold Storage Space for Potato

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No 279-AM/O/4C-05/2013 Dated Kolkata the 1st March, 2019


Whereas, there is an apprehension of lowering of potato prices due to good production of potato during the season 2019 in the major potato producing states;


Whereas, Govt. is contemplating to introduce appropriate measures to prevent lowering of potato prices even below the production cost;


Whereas, it is also required to make cold storage space available to farmers for storage of their produce if they are unable to sell their potato at remunerative prices after harvesting;

Now therefore, in exercise of the power conferred under Section 20C of the West Bengal Cold Storages (Licensing & Regulation) Act, 1966, the Governor is hereby pleased to allow the reservation of 40% & 60% (including 20% already reserved for the West Bengal Potato Procurement Scheme – 2019) of the total potato cold storage space in the cold storages located in the districts of South Bengal and North Bengal respectively under disposal of the District Magistrate till 17-03-2019 and 24-03-2019 for the districts of South Bengal and North Bengal for loading of potato under Govt. initiative.

The cold storage owners will be free to utilize the unused portion of the space so reserved after 17-03-2019 and 24-03-2019 and no compensation whatsoever will be payable in this regard.

The District Magistrate would utilize approximately 15% of the space so reserved for the Potato Procurement Scheme 2019 and distribute the rest among the small and marginal potato producers who have K.C.C. or similar identification documents for preservation of their own produce. Each farmer-hirer would be allowed to store up to the limit of 25 quintal only on his/ her account. The reserved space shall be allotted to the farmer-hirers on the first come first served basis.

By order of the Governor,

Secretary to the Govt. of West Bengal

No 279-AM dated 01.03.2019

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