Restructuring of OPD and Emergency Departments

Government of West Bengal
Department of Health & Family Welfare
MERT Branch
“Swasthya Bhawan” Block- G.N. 29, Sector-V
Salt Lake City, Kolkata-700 091

No. HF/O/MERT/1133/W-83/2012 Dated, Kolkata 25th September 2012

From: The Special Secretary to the Government of West Bengal.

To: 1. The Director of Medical Education, West Bengal.
2. The Director of Health Services, West Bengal


Sub: Restructuring of OPD and Emergency Departments.

In accordance with the recommendations of the Expert Group, it has been decided to restructure and reorient the OPD and the Emergency Departments in the following Medical College & Hospitals:

(i) Kolkata Medical College and Hospital
(ii) Calcutta National Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata
(iii) RG Kar Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata
(iv) NRS Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata

2. In pursuance of the said decision, the Governor is pleased to direct that, the following steps be immediately initiated and implemented by the Principals of the aforesaid Medical Teaching Institutions for the purpose of restructuring of the OPDs and Emergencies:

A. For the restructuring of the OPDs, the following measures will be taken:

i. A General OPD would be set up in addition to the existing OPDs. Its purpose will be to (a) provide better screening of the new patients with a view to improve the patient care, and (b) partly decongest the existing OPDs

ii. The General OPD will function during the usual hours, i.e. between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm.

iii. For the General OPD, the Principal would locate two suitable and well-equipped rooms.

iv. At least eight doctors at the rate of four in each room, preferably PGT/ RMO-cum-Clinical Tutor will be deputed to the General OPD on a daily basis. For this purpose, the Principals would also consider deploying doctors (Medical Teachers) from the various pre-clinical and Para-clinical disciplines on a rotation basis.

v. The General OPD will cater mainly to the new patients. Adequate personnel from the Rogi Sahayata Kendra (RSK) will be deputed to inform and guide the patients. Old patients on repeat visits need not be referred to the General OPD and will directly avail the services of the relevant specialized OPD. All the new patients, however, would have to get themselves referred to a specialized OPD by the doctors in the General OPD.

vi. The Principals will make adequate arrangements to publicize the new system. The locations of all the OPDs, including the General OPD, should be clearly displayed on signboards throughout the campus. Rogi Sahayata Kendra (RSK) personnel will be effectively deployed to guide the patients. The security and police personnel should be fully briefed along with all categories of hospital employees. If required, the possibility of publicity through electronic media could also be explored in conjunction with the ME Directorate and IEC division of the DoHFW

B. For the restructuring of the Emergency Department, the following measures will be taken:

i. An Emergency Department will be created directly under the MSVP.

ii. a suitable emergency ward will be located and furnished under the Emergency Department, with at least 20 – 25 beds

iii. all emergency cases will be handled by doctors manning the Emergency Ward. No refusals would be allowed

iv. all cases in the Emergency will either be released after treatment or kept under observation for a certain period of time or referred to the relevant specialty ward of the relevant department

v. Each MCH will tie up with a smaller non-teaching entity located nearby, to provide additional emergency beds, in case of excess patient inflow. Detailed arrangements have already been made in some cases, but it will be the responsibility of the MSVP/ Principal to finalize a working arrangement in consultation with the DHS/ DME.

4. Funds from the RKS may be used in the first instance. Top up funds, if required, will be placed by the West Bengal State Health and Family Welfare Samiti. A detailed estimate, covering ward equipment, signages, additional RSK staff, mobility support to and from the associated non-teaching unit, minor modifications, furniture, etc. may be prepared and sent to the Department at the earliest.

Special Secretary

No. HF/O/MERT/1133 dated 25.09.2012, Source