Rising Number of COVID cases in West Bengal

Government of West Bengal
Health and Family Welfare Department
Salt Lake, Kolkata

Memo No. 160-Secy(HFW) Dated 30th June, 2022


Considering the rising number of covid cases in the state though majority being mild and asymptomatic, it is important that public at large must follow covid appropriate behaviour. In this regard, following advisory is being issued for proper follow up by all concerned-

  1. Only asymptomatic and fully vaccinated people should preferably attend the public gatherings following covid appropriate behaviour.
  2. Special emphasis should be given on completion of primary vaccination and precaution dose administration. Door to Door campaigns, if required, must be organised for the same.
  3. Health care workers and Front line workers having close contact with the public must be asymptomatic and fully vaccinated.
  4. Elderly people and those with comorbidities like hypertension, diabetes, chronic lung/ liver/ kidney diseases must get themselves fully vaccinated including booster dose.
  5. People in the public gatherings must follow covid appropriate behaviour i.e. physical distancing, wearing of masks/ face covers, hand and respiratory hygiene.
  6. Places of public gatherings/ markets/ public transport must be fully sanitised and well ventilated.
  7. Proper arrangements for thermal screening and senitisation must be available at public places.
  8. Health care facilities must follow issuance of modified covid medical protocol issued by Director Health Services and Director Medical Education Services issued by HF/SPSRC/18/2022 Dt 28/06/2022.

All concerned are requested to take necessary action.

Sd/- Secretary
Health and Family Welfare Department

No. 160-HFW dated 30.06.2022, Source

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