Further Restrictions/ Prohibitions in West Bengal due to COVID

Government of West Bengal
325, Sarat Chatterjee Road, Howrah-711 102

No. 622-ISS/2M-22/2020 1st May 2021


In continuation of memo no. 618-ISS/2M-22/2020 dated 30-04-2021, it is notified that the following further restrictions/ prohibitions will also be in force, until further orders, in the State of West Bengal as measures against the COVID disaster:

1) Marriage gatherings and other familial gatherings will also be seriously restricted and subjected to strict observance of COVID appropriate norms (e.g. strict use of masks, sanitisers, physical distancing, etc). Generally speaking, number of invitees to marriages and other familial gatherings should be restricted to minimum possible number and at no point of time should there be congregations of more than 50 persons in any ceremony.

2) The principle of keeping shops open in bazaars/hats during 7-10 am in the morning and 3-5 pm in the afternoon will apply to all retail and stand-alone outlets-shops also, excepting in case of retail outlets providing services relating to health care, electricity, telecom, transport, grocery, sweetmeats, milk supply, etc., which will remain outside the confines of the embargo. Use of masks, sanitisers and physical distancing would be compulsory in all these public places.

Sd/- Chief Secretary

No. 622-ISS dated 01.05.2021, Source

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