Splitting of Works/ Projects/ Schemes to Avoid e-Tender

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch


No. 284-F(Y) Dated, 16th January, 2020

Sub:- Splitting of Works/ Projects/ Schemes

Finance Department had earlier issued Memo No. 4609-F(Y) dated 18.07.2018, specifying that under no circumstances splitting of works, Projects/ Schemes/ procurements, be done for avoiding the provisions of e-tender and/or for avoiding the Financial powers of the sanctioning authority as per delegation of financial power.

However, it has been noticed that in some cases, Works/ Projects/ Schemes/ Procurements are still being split to avoid approval of competent authorities or laid down tender norms. In all such Works/ Schemes/ Projects/ Procurements, which have been split to avoid the approval of the appropriate authorities and/or laid down tender norms, no payment should be released before the examination of the same by the Finance Department.

The Administrative Departments are requested to instruct all the offices under their Administrative control to strictly follow the Memo No. ibid and related Rules and Regulations in this regard.

The Financial Advisors of the Administrative Department and the officers dealing with Finance/ Accounts/ Audit of the subordinate offices/ Boards/ Commissions/ Local Bodies/ Statutory Bodies/ and other parastatals under the administrative control of the Departments are directed to strictly follow this and should bring all such cases separately to the notice of the Addl. Chief Secretary/ Principal Secretary/ Secretary of the concerned Department and Finance Department.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi, IAS
Additional Chief Secretary
Finance Department

No. 284-F dated 16.01.2020, Source

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