For On-line real time management monitoring and control of all fund allocations and financial transactions in different Departments and their subordinate offices.

e-Service Book in IFMS-HRMS – Draft Format

State Government has constituted a Committee for revising the format of Service Book for the purpose of development of e-Service Book in IFMS-HRMS.

Introduction of New TR Form No. 51

Governor is pleased to replace the existing TR Form No. 51 with the new TR Form No. 51. Necessary amendment in West Bengal Treasury Rules will be made in due course of time.

Discontinue Reports/ Registers at Treasuries/PAOs

After introduction of IFMS, certain Reports/ Registers maintained in the Treasuries/ PAOs Offices have become redundant and no longer required to be maintained.

Mandatory Use of DSC for approval in HRMS

Head of Offices (HOO), Appointing Authorities (AA) will provide all necessary approvals or accord permissions in HRMS through his/her digital signature only.

Access for viewing various MIS reports in IFMS

MIS reports may be viewed/ downloaded by logging into the portal with the login ID and password by the administrator of the concerned Department.

Submission of bill through IFMS-HRMS Module

Submission of claims relating to Loan, TA/DA may be made without being processed through the Loan and TA/DA sub-modules of HRMS till 30.06.2017.

Stakeholder, Leave, Loan and TA or DA sub-modules of HRMS

Human Resources Management System (HRMS) of IFMS – Introduction of Stakeholders, Leave, Loan and T.A./ D.A sub-modules of HRMS in all offices of Government of west Bengal.

Online Re-appropriation System through e-Bantan for 2017-18

Governor is pleased to prescribe the following guidelines for the Online reappropriation system through e-Bantan for the current financial year 2017-18.

Revised Procedure of Issuance of PPO from DPPG, W.B.

e-PPO will be issued and transmitted to the Treasuries through IFMS system in respect of pension cases those are lying pending at DPPG, W.B for issuance of manual PPO.

Issue of Order Cheque for Payment to Resource Division

Where both the Works Division and Resource Division is under the jurisdiction of same treasury, the fund may be transferred by submission of bill at the Treasury/ PAO.

Introduction of HRMS in all Offices of Govt. of West Bengal

Government of West Bengal has decided to switch over to Online Human Resource Management System (HRMS), in the field of establishment matter, from present manual process.

Submission of Bill to Treasuries – No more Annexures

Discontinuation of submission of Bill Extract, Top Sheet, Duplicate copies of Schedules and Acknowledgement along with the physical copy of the bill at the Treasury/ PAO.

Implementation of HRMS-IFMS for Grant-in-aid Colleges

Sub module for payment of salary to the employees of Grant-in-aid Colleges has been developed and deployed in the live server of IFMS.

Implementation of HRMS-IFMS for Payment of Wages

Payment of wages for contractual engagement shall have to be paid from detailed head 02-wages irrespective of the engagement being made on daily rated, consolidated or in scale linked.

Renewal of DSC from M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd.

Governor is pleased to authorize M/s CRG Corporate Services Pvt. Ltd., an authorized agent of M/s eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd., to renew DSCs on or before expiry of their validity.

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