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For On-line real time management monitoring and control of all fund allocations and financial transactions in different Departments and their subordinate offices.

Introduction of Online GISS and Leave Encashment Calculation in HRMS


Introduction of online GISS and Leave Encashment Calculation, Sanction and Bill generation for the retired (including superannuation and death) employees, in HRMS.

Introduction of New Functionalities in HRMS – HRA, ITAX, GPF etc.


Online declaration of HRA, Process for change of deduction of Income Tax at Source and change of GPF Subscription, drawal of Part Salary and entry of Sanction details in respect of Grant in Aid Pay Bills in HRMS.

State Level Training Team for organizing WBHS Reimbursement Claim


Training on processing & disbursement of reimbursement claim under West Bengal Health Scheme on ONLINE platform through WBHS and WBIFMS Portal.

Discontinuation of Medical Allowance/ Relief through WBHS Portal


Governor is pleased to implement ONLINE functionality for discontinuation of Medical Allowance/ Relief from the Salary/Pension of the enrolled employee and pensioner with the following directives:

Online Functionality for Opt-out and Termination of enrolment from WBHS


Introduction of online functionality for Opt-out and Termination of enrolment from West Bengal Health Scheme through WBHS Portal.

Introduction of Workflow for GPF Advance in HRMS


Introduction of Workflow for GPF Advance, Online Conversion of Refundable GPF Advance, Pre closure of Refundable GPF Advance and Submission of Utilization Certificate for GPF Advance in HRMS.

Making payment through Schematic Bank Account Management System


Finance Department has been contemplating on making payment through SBMS for some time past. Now the Institutional Operator may generate Sanction and Payment Advice based on the above modalities for making online payment through SBMS.

Introduction of Treasury Form 68C and 31A


Governor is pleased to introduce the two new TR forms with number TR-68C and TR-31A for drawal of fund related to claims for Reimbursement/ Advance/ Advance Adjustment under WBHS in respect of Government employees/ pensioners and Teachers /Officers of GIA Colleges & Universities.

Facility for Bulk Modification/ Updating of IFSCs in IFMS


Based upon the verification of DDO, eGovernance Group, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal shall centrally modify /merge the IFSC of the beneficiary bank branch in IFMS;

Seamless Integration between IFMS-PBSSD (TET&SDD) Portals


Governor is pleased to extend Portal-to-Portal seamless integration facility between IFMS-PBSSD (TET&SDD) portal for making smooth payment/disbursement to the trainee of PBSSD.