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Term Loan

Application Procedure for Term Loan provided by WBMDFC

Madrasah Education.

Applicant’s annual family income must be below Rs. 81,000/- (Eighty one thousand) only for Rural areas and Rs. 1,03,000/- (One Lakh three thousand) only for Urban Areas.

WBMDFC Term Loan Application Form for Business

Madrasah Education.

WBMDFC invites application from Minority Communities for Business Loan. For loan above Rs. 50,000/- Guarantor should be a Govt./ Semi Govt. Employee/ Teacher/ A Good Beneficiary of WBMDFC.

Eligibility Criteria for Schemes under WBMDFC

Madrasah Education.

The members of Jain Community in West Bengal are eligible for getting benefits under the Schemes of Government of West Bengal only, implemented by the WBMDFC.