Transfer Policy of Sub-Assistant Engineers

Public Works,

  1. All transfer orders in respect of the S.A.E.s posted in the Public Works/ Public Works (Roads)/ Housing Directorate are to be made by the Chief Engineer or Additional Chief Engineer (Head Quarter) of these Directorates.
  2. Such transfer orders are to be issued by the end of March or early part of April of each year with the instruction to the transferrers to join their new places of posting within 15th May of that year.
  3. A S.A.E. completing 5 years’ service in any particular posting in a Division between any date of the year of transfer and 31st March of the following year will be liable for transfer and 31st March of the following year will be liable for transfer in the interest of public service, excepting that transfer may be the prematurely on administrative ground at the discretion of the transferring authority. A S.A.E may also be transferred earlier in the interest of work if such transfer does not involve change of Head Quarters and normally will not stay under a Circle for more than 10 years.
  4. A Sub-Assistant Engineer (C) who will complete 5 years in any particular posting in a Division between any date of the year of transfer and 31st May of the following year may indicate his preference at his own initiative, for transfer to any five Divisions (excluding the Division of present posting). If no option is received on or before the 15th January of the year of transfer, it will be treated that te particular S.A.E. (C) has no option. This, however, may not be treated as a commitment on the part of the Govt., to post the S.A.E. (C) only in the divisions of his option.
  5. Prayer for premature transfer from a station or prayer for further stay in the present posting on acceptable personal grounds viz. Medical treatment of the members of his family, higher education of children etc. may be considered as far as possible.
  6. Posting of the S.A.E in the transfer order is to be indicated specifically.
  7. Difficulties of the S.A.E.s posted in the remote and unhealthy places will be looked into and the cases of transfer of S.A.E.s posted in such area will be considered normally after stay of 2 years in such places.
  8. Husband and wife both in Government Employment will be posted, as far as practicable, in such a manner that may serve without living separately.
  9. Employee hailing from hill area will be posted in the area as far as possible.
  10. Question of reversion of S.A.E.s serving for 3 years on deputation will be reviewed as per Government rules.
  11. A S.A.E due for transfer as per above guidelines but who has only 3 years of service or less to retire may be considered for posting as far as possible to a station or its vicinity as per his prayer.
  12. Transfer of Office Bearers of the recognized Associations/ Unions upto Sub-Division level can be delayed beyond the normal term of 5 years and in such cases their transfer will be affected as soon from the due date as possible. Opinion of the concerned Association will, however, be considered in this respect.