Transfer Policy of Personal Assistant working under P.W.D.

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Establishment Branch

No. 140 Dated: 16.08.2013.


With a view to improve efficiency of the Scheduled-‘B’ (English) Personal Assistant working under P.W. Dte., the Governor is pleased, in the interest of public service, to introduce a new transfer policy as detailed below with immediate effect and until further orders:-

1) An employee will be transferred from one place of posting/office to other places/offices after completion of 03 years of service in the respective place of posting.

2) An employee will be posted from his/her respective place of posting/office to other places/offices during the time of his/her next promotion even if he/she remains posted in that place/office for less than 03 years.

3) An employee should preferably be not posted in the same place of posting/office for more than once in his/her entire service period.

4) Preference should be given to an employee on attaining the age of 58 years or more, to be transferred to a place of posting/office which is near to his/her home subject to the availability of suitable vacancy.

5) In case where both husband and wife are in Govt. employment and stationed at the same place, effort will be made so that both can live in the same or nearby place.

6) Elected presidents, general secretaries and treasurers of the registered staff Association/unions (not exceeding three members) should not be transferred during their tenure at office for a single term only.

7) An employee should compulsorily be posted in a place/office situated in the Jangal Mahal districts/North Bengal districts at least for once in his/her entire service life.

By order of the Governor,

Sd/- S.K. Giri
Deputy Secretary-II to the
Govt. of West Bengal,
P.W. Department.

No. 140 dated 16.08.2013