Upgradation/ Revision of all Text Books of Class IX and X

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
“Nivedita Bhawan”, DJ-8, Sec-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091

Memo No. DS(Aca)/178/T/37 Date: 12th July, 2017


All the publishers who have availed of the Text Book Numbers against their Books for Classes IX & X are hereby informed that pursuant to the suggestions/comments that have been received by the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education from different corners, the Text Books Committee of the Board has decided to upgrade all the Books through revision process in the light of the undernoted key points:-

1) Full coverage of all the issues as mentioned in the Syllabus.

2) There should be no controversial statement in the Books.

3) There should be appropriate illustrations to explain the topics in all the title of Books preferably in Physical Science & Life Science.

4) In all First Language (Such as Bengali) grammar Books for Class X there should be a Model Essay on “Kanyashree Project” with all the current information & key points provided as follows:-

i) Project details (Kanyashree)

ii) Number of beneficiaries

iii) A few case studies

iv) International recognition in the form of UN Award

v) Impact of the project: minimizing of drop-out rate, stopping child-marriage and trafficking of girls and women, enhanced academic of girls.

In view of the above facts & circumstances, the publishers are requested to revise their Books covering all the above key points keeping all other terms & conditions as mentioned in the Syllabus unchanged and to submit three (03) copies of each title of Books to the Deputy Secretary (Academic) of the Board by 31st July, 2017 positively for approval from the end of the Board.

In this connection the concerned publishers are being requested to follow directives noted herein after:-

1) That the Books will have to be submitted using “Book Submission Form”. One such Form is to be used for each title of Books & this Form will be available from the Board’s Cash Section at Nivedita Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091 on Cash payment of Rs. 20/- per copy.

2) That they will have to abide by all the instructions & conditions as laid down in the “Book Submission Form”.

3) That a fee of Rs. 10,000/- (Rs. ten thousand) only will have to be deposited to the Board’s Cash Section at Nivedita Bhawan, Salt Lake, Kolkata-700091 for each & every title of Books at the time of submitting the revised Books through a Bank Draft in favour of “R.B.I. Kolkata A/C W.B.B.S.E. Fund” for performing necessary review procedure.

4) That the price of the Books fixed by the Board will be binding upon concerned publishers.

5) That after submission of Books, the Experts of the Board will review & correct the same if necessary within 22nd August, 2017 & they may collect the Book(s) along with Reviewers’ observation note on or after 22nd August, 2017 from the Board’s Academic Section. Next they will have to submit three copies of each title of Books as per previous procedure duly incorporating the suggestions/ recommendations of the Reviewers to the Academic Section of the Board by 1st September, 2017 for necessary verification. The dates of next procedure to be followed will be notified in due course.

6) That the decision of the Board regarding approval of Book(s) & awarding revised Text Book Number in favour of the Book(s) is final.

7) That the Board is not liable to show the reason regarding rejection of Books(s), if any.

Sd/- R. Das
Deputy Secretary (Academic)
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education.

No. DS(Aca)/178 dated 12.07.2017, Source