West Bengal Disaster Management Plan, 2015-16

The objective of the State Disaster Management Plan, West Bengal is to facilitate execution of activities for prevention and preparedness, operations, coordination, and community awareness and involvement.

Government of West Bengal
Department of Disaster Management


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability profile of West Bengal

Chapter 3: Prevention And Mitigation Measures

Chapter 4: Mainstreaming DM Concerns Into Developmental Plans/ Programmes/ Projects

Chapter 5: Preparedness Measures

Chapter 6: Disaster Response

Chapter 7: Partnership with Other Stakeholders

Chapter 8: Reconstruction, Rehabilitation And Recovery Measures

Annexure- 1: Abbreviation

Annexure-2: List of Codes of Buildings for safety

Annexure-3: IRC Code

Annexure 4: Dos and Don’ts

Annexure-5: Important Contact No. ( DMD)

Annexure-6: DMD Field Organisations

Annexure-7: Contact no INCOIS

Annexure-8: Contact No of National Organisations

Annexure-9: Contact no. of DMs and SPs

Annexure-10: Contact Numbers of ADM(DM)s and DDMOs

Annexure- 11: Flow Chart of Distribution of Relief Articles

Download: Disaster Management Plan, Source

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