West Bengal Disaster Management Plan, 2015-16

Disaster Management,

Government of West Bengal
Department of Disaster Management


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability profile of West Bengal

Chapter 3: Prevention And Mitigation Measures

Chapter 4: Mainstreaming DM Concerns Into Developmental Plans/ Programmes/ Projects

Chapter 5: Preparedness Measures

Chapter 6: Disaster Response

Chapter 7: Partnership with Other Stakeholders

Chapter 8: Reconstruction, Rehabilitation And Recovery Measures

Annexure- 1: Abbreviation

Annexure-2: List of Codes of Buildings for safety

Annexure-3: IRC Code

Annexure 4: Dos and Don’ts

Annexure-5: Important Contact No. ( DMD)

Annexure-6: DMD Field Organisations

Annexure-7: Contact no INCOIS

Annexure-8: Contact No of National Organisations

Annexure-9: Contact no. of DMs and SPs

Annexure-10: Contact Numbers of ADM(DM)s and DDMOs

Annexure- 11: Flow Chart of Distribution of Relief Articles

Download: Disaster Management Plan, Source