West Bengal Housing Board Act, 1972

West Bengal Act XXXII of 1972
West Bengal Housing Board Act, 1972

An Act to provide for the constitution of a Housing Board for West Bengal and far matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

West Ben. Act XXXV of 1973.
West Ben. Act XL of 1976.
West Ben. Act LXI of 1978.
West Ben. Act XXXV of 1980.
West Ben. Act XIV of 1993.


Chapter I

  • Short title and commencement
  • Definitions

Chapter II
Establishment of the Board

  • Constitution of the Board
  • Application of West Bengal Act XII of 1956
  • Members of the Board and their resignation or removal
  • Disqualification for appointment as a member of the Board
  • Term of office and conditions of service of Vice-Chairman and other members
  • Cessation of membership
  • Filling of vacancies
  • Proceedings presumed to be good and valid
  • Temporary absense of members
  • Officers and other staff
  • Powers and duties of the Housing Commissioner and other officers
  • Employment of staff of the State Government
  • Meeting of Board
  • Execution of contract
  • Exercise of the powers of the Board by the Chairman
  • Delegation of Board’s power to sign contracts

Chapter III
Housing Schemes

  • Powers and duties of Board to undertake housing schemes
  • Matters to be provided for by housing schemes
  • Submission of budget to Board
  • Board’s sanction to budget
  • Submission of budget to State Government for approval
  • Supplementary budget
  • Publication and execution of housing scheme
  • Validation of housing schemes
  • Transfer of open space to local authorities
  • Other duties of the Board
  • Power to exempt schemes from provisions of this Act
  • Power to entrust existing or new joint sector company with housing scheme

Chapter IV
Acquisition and disposal of land

  • Power to acquire

Chapter V
Finance, accounts and audit

  • Transfer of assets to the Board
  • Board’s fund
  • Application of the fund
  • Expenditure in case of urgency
  • Subventions and loan to the Board
  • Power of Board to borrow
  • Debts incurred from the State Government banks etc. to have priority
  • Accounts and audit
  • Concurrent and special audits of accounts
  • Recoveries of dues of Board

Chapter VI

  • Report to State Government
  • Other statements and returns
  • Power of entry
  • Notice of suit against Board
  • Valuation of assets and liabilities of the Board
  • Power to make rules
  • Regulations
  • Power to make by-laws
  • Penalty for contravention of by-laws
  • Penalty for obstructing etc.
  • Authority for prosecution
  • Members, officers and employees of the Board to be public servants
  • Protection of action taken under this Act
  • Power of State Government to give directions to Board
  • Power to order inquiries
  • Default in performance of duty
  • Dissolution of the Board

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