West Bengal Land and Land Reforms Manual

Land Reforms,

West Bengal Land and Land Reforms Manual Published by the Board of Revenue, Govt. of West Bengal in 1991.


Organisation and Control

Preparation and Revision of Record-Of-Rights in Land

Mutation of Names in Record-Of-Rights

Recording Of Names of Bargadars

Bhagchash Cases (Adjudication of Disputes Relating to Cultivation by Bargadars)

Determination of Ceiling Area and Vesting of Lands in the State

Determination of Ceiling Area for Tea Gardens, Mills, Factories, Workshops and for Land Held for Dairy Development, Poultry Farming, and Livestock Breeding

Assessment of the Amount to Be Paid U/S 14v of the W.B.L.R. Act, 1955

Conversion of Land from One Class to Another

Transfer Of Land Situated Within An Urban Agglomeration Which Is Used Mainly For Agriculture Or As An Orchard.

Alienation of Land by Raiyats Belonging to Scheduled Tribes

Settlement of Agricultural Land at the Disposal of Government

Annulment of Settlement Made Under Section 49(1) Of the West Bengal Land Reforms Act, 1955

Principles and Procedures for Settlement of Lands for Non-Agricultural Purposes

Hats & Bazars

Ferries, Fisheries and Other Sairati Interests

Settlement of Disputes Relating to Cultivation and Harvesting

Institutional Finance to Bargadars and Assignees of Vested Land

Mining and Quarrying Minor Minerals

Agricultural Census

Court Cases

Administrative Boundaries

Jurisdiction List


Miscellaneous Provisions


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