Additional Honorarium for Anganwadi Workers/ Helpers

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch


No. 4657-F(Y) Dated, 20th August, 2019

Sub: Clarification regarding payment of Additional Honorarium

Finance Department has recently issued Memo No. 3641-F(Y) dated 28.06.2019 regarding payment of Wages for all types Wage earners.

At present, Anganwadi Workers and Anganwadi Helpers are paid ‘Honorarium’ and ‘Additional Honorarium’ under Detailed Head “02-Wages” subordinate to two separate Heads of Account.

It has now been clarified that the Bills for monthly ‘Honorarium’ for the Anganwadi Workers/ Helpers are to be generated through HRMS as usual and in exception of the provision laid down in para 2A of the Memo, ibid, drawal of ‘Additional Honorarium’ for such workers under Detailed Head “02-Wages” shall continue in TR Form No. 26 through e-Billing module of IFMS as a temporary measure until further order.

This order shall take immediate effect.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Additional Chief Secretary
Finance Department

No. 4657-F dated 20.08.2019, Source