Apply for Certified Copy of Answer Script of Madhyamik Pariksha, 2022

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
Nivedita Bhaban, DJ-8, Sector-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700 091

Memo No.: Inf/142/22 Date: 03/06/2022


Procedures to Apply for Certified copy of Answer Script(s) of M.P. (S.E.), 2022 Under RTI Act 2005.

The application may be done in white paper or in prescribed format given in page no 3 of this notification along with a Court fees of Rs 10/- to the following address:-

The Address of the Regional Office(s) of the Board:-

For North Bengal:-
Kanchanjangha Bhawan,
P.O.- North Bengal University,
Dist.- Darjeeling.
PIN – 734013.
For Burdwan:-
Iswarchandra Bhawan,
Goods Shed Road,Tinkonia,
Dist.- Burdwan,
For Medinipur:-
Keranitala Chak,
P.O.- Medinipur,
Dist.- Paschim Medinipur,
PIN – 721101.
For Kolkata:-
Nivedita Bhawan, Karunamoyee
Block – DJ- 8, Sector- II
Salt Lake City,
Kolkata- 700091
  • Roll. No. Starting with “1” should submit their application at North Bengal Regional Office.
  • Roll. No. Starting with “3” should submit their application at Burdwan Regional Office.
  • Roll. No. Starting with “5” should submit their application at Medinipur Regional Office
  • Roll. No. Starting with “7” should submit their application at Kolkata Regional Office

Please Note Some Important Points:

  1. Your application must reach the respective Regional Office of the Board within 100 days from the date of publication of result of M.P. (S.E.) 2022, i.e. within 12th September 2022, failing which your application shall not be entertained.
  2. Photo Copy of Mark Sheet must be attached with the application along with phone number.
  3. Only Certified copy of answer script(s), as prayed for, under RTI Act, 2005 will be handed over to the candidate or his/her natural or legal guardian showing proper documents of identification/authorization letter of the candidate. No third party will be allowed to obtain certified copy of answer script(s).
  4. No request for inspection of original answer script(s) shall be entertained.
  5. For supply of certified copy of answer script(s), a photocopy charge of Rs. 2.00 only as processing fees shall be applicable per page as per RTI Rule. It must be deposited by the candidate concerned against the receipt of challan at the respective Regional Office of the Board. Challan will be supplied by the concerned Regional Office.
  6. The applicant will be informed the date and time of collection of Certified Copy of Written Answer Script(s) by post/ Phone.
  7. If an applicant has applied for PPS/ PPR, the RTI application for Certified Copies can be done just after the publication of PPS/ PPR result.
  8. The Application under RTI Act, 2005 is only to collect Certified Copies of Written Answer Script(s). There is no connection of re-evaluation with the Application under RTI Act, 2005.
  9. The application will be rejected if there are no court fees and/or full signature and/or complete postal address of the applicant is found.
  10. No application fee is required for the candidate who belongs to B.P.L. category as per RTI Act, 2005. In that case self-attested photocopy of necessary certificate must be attached with his/ her application.
  11. On receipt of prayer regarding any wrong total/ wrong caging/ unmarked answer, if detected, the same shall be rectified without any extra charge, if applied for within 15 days from the date of receipt of their Certified copy of answer script(s) and not beyond the stipulated period, under any circumstances.

No. Inf/142 dated 03.06.2022, Source

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