Bangla Fasal Bima Yojana (BFBY) Scheme


No.: 1749-AG/O/Crop Ins./7C-07/2018 Dated the 27th November, 2018


The undersigned is directed to state that the Governor is pleased to notify that the Bangla Fasal Bima Yojana (BFBY)/ Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojona (PMFBY) will be implemented in all districts of the State during RABI 2018-19 season for the crops and Insurance Units (IU) mentioned in Table-1 below.

Table 1: Crops to be insured and Insurance Units during Rabi 2018-19:

Sl. No.Crops to be coveredInsurance UnitDistricts/Block/GP
1.Boro (Summer) PaddyGram PanchayatAs per Annexure-I
2.WheatBlockAs per Annexure-II
3.Rabi MaizeBlockAs per Annexure-III
4.Summer MaizeBlockAs per Annexure-IV
5.GramBlockAs per Annexure-V
6.Lentil (Masur)BlockAs per Annexure-VI
7.Mug (Summer)BlockAs per Annexure-VII
8.MustardBlockAs per Annexure-VIII
9.Til (Summer)BlockAs per Annexure-IX
10.Groundnut (Summer)BlockAs per Annexure-X
11.PotatoGram PanchayatFor six (6) districts viz. Coochbehar, Hooghly, Purba Bardhaman, Bankura, Paschim Medinipur & Jhargram. As per Annexure-XI(A)
BlockAll other districts except Paschim Bardhaman. (as per Annexure-XI(B))
12.SugarcaneBlockAs per Annexure-XII

The scheme will be implemented by the Insurance Companies (ICs) selected through e-tender vide No. 1528-(Nab)/AG/O/Crop Ins/7C-07/2018 dated 01.10.2018 as detailed at Para-2 below. The said ICs will act as Implementing Agencies (IAs) for the respective Clusters.

2. The details of IAs selected for various Clusters are as follows:

ClusterName of the Districts in the ClusterName of the Selected Implementing Insurance Agency (IA)
Cluster-1Darjeeling, Kalimpong, Murshidabad, Howrah, Purba Bardhaman and Paschim Bardhaman.United India Insurance Co. Ltd.
Cluster-2Jalpaiguri, Alipurduar, Nadia, Bankura, Paschim Medinipurand Jhargram.National Insurance Company Ltd.
Cluster-3Uttar Dinajpur, South 24 Parganas, Dakshin Dinajpur, Hooghly and Birbhum.National Insurance Company Ltd.
Cluster-4Coochbehar, Malda, North 24 Parganas, Purulia and Purba Medinipur.Cholamandalam MS GIC Ltd.

3. The Cluster-wise detailed Premium Rates of the notified crops are given in Annexure-XIII.

4. The district-wise & crop-wise Indemnity Level and Scale of Finance (Rupees per hectare) are given in Annexure – XIV & XV respectively.

5. The Seasonality Discipline will be as under:

Sl. No.ActivityRabi 2018-19
1.Loaning Period (loan sanction/renewal) for Loanee farmers covered on Compulsory basis.Upto 31st December, 2018
2.Cut-off date for receipt of Proposals of farmers/ debit of premium from farmers account (Loanee and nonĀ­-loanee)31st December, 2018
3.Cut-off date for receipt of consolidated Declarations/ proposal of Loanee farmers covered on compulsory basis and non-loanee farmers covered on Voluntary basis from Bank Branches (CBs/RRBs) to respective Insurance Companies and DCCBs for PACS.Within 15 days for loanee farmers and 7 days for nonĀ­-loanee farmers after cut-off date
4.Cut-off date for receipt of Declarations of farmers covered on Voluntary basis from designated Insurance Agent(s) to Insurance CompaniesWithin 7 days of receipt of declaration/ premium
5.Cut-off date for receipt of Proposal of Loanee farmers covered on compulsory basis and non-loanee farmers covered on Voluntary basis from respective DCCBs/ Nodal Banks.Within 7 days of receipt of Declarations
6.Cut-off date for receipt of Yield DataWithin a month from final harvesting.
7.Processing, Approval and Payment of Final Claims based on Yield Data3 (Three) weeks from receipt of yield data.
8.Claim settlement under Mid-term AdversityWithin one month of issuance of Notification invoking such provision.

6. Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) for preparation of Yield Data:

The Yield of the above mentioned crops will be estimated by applying GCES procedure of Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) in all the Districts except Kolkata with a minimum of 16 (Sixteen) CCEs at Block Level by Bureau of Applied Economics & Statistics (BAE & S) and 4 (Four) CCEs at Gram Panchayat Level jointly by BAE & S and Directorate of Agriculture.

In instances where required number of CCEs might not be conducted due to nonavailability of adequate cropped area, the yield estimate for such IUs can be generated by using methods in the following order of priority:

(i) Clubbing with neighbouring/ contiguous units or
(ii) Adopting yield estimate of next higher unit or
(iii) Adopting the yield of neighbouring IU with maximum correlation.

The IU of Municipal Corporation/ Municipality/ Urban Areas, where crop cultivation and insurance programme is operative, will be tagged with the adjacent Gram Panchayat/ Block as the case may be for determination of yield data of the crop on the basis of CCE results.

7. Submission of Yield Data:

The Director, BAE & S will submit the yield data to the Department of Agriculture within the cut off date for finalisation and onward submission of the same to the Implementing Agencies (IAs) for all crops except Potato.

In case of Potato, the Additional Director of Agriculture (Evaluation) will submit the yield data at the IU level to this Department within the cut-off date for finalisation and subsequent use.

8. Ratio of weight of Paddy to Rice is to be considered as 3:2 for calculating yield.

9. Share of Premium:

The farmer’s share of premium will be borne by the State Government in respect of all notified Rabi Crops (cap fixed at 1.5%) except for potato and sugarcane. In case of potato and sugarcane (cap rate at 5%), the farmer’s share of premium will be limited to 4.85% and the balance 0.15% will be borne by the State Govt, as special subsidy to the farmers under Bangla Fasal Bima Yojana (BFBY). The premium over the capped rate (5% for Potato & Sugarcane and 1.5% for other crops) will be shared by the State Govt, and Central Govt. on 50:50 basis as premium subsidy.

10. The Sum Insured per hectare will be same for both Loanee and Non-loanee farmers and will be equal to the Scale of Finance for respective crops.

11. The Implementing Agencies (IAs) shall make adequate publicity/ awareness of the scheme in all the notified unit areas in terms of the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY and in coordination with the State Government.

12. All claims will be borne by the Insurance Companies which will be guided by Para 13.3 of the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY.

13. Loss assessment and payment of claims shall be settled in terms of the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY.

14. On account payment of claims due to mid-season adversity, Prevented/ failed sowing and Prevented Planting/ Germination Claims, Post Harvest Losses & Localized risk shall be dealt in terms of Para 21 and other relevant portions of the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY. The IAs will make adequate arrangement to receive individual intimations/ applications in relevant cases for the above situations.

15. For calculation of Threshold Yield (TY) at IU level for the notified crops, the Average Yield of best 5 years of last 7 (seven) years will be taken into account.

16. Final insurance claims will be settled only on the basis of yield data furnished by the State Government based on requisite number of CCEs in terms of revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY.

17. Bankers will have to provide the details of insured farmers along with consolidated declarations/ proposals to the selected IAs.

18. The Non-loanee farmers will have to submit documentary evidence regarding their insurable interest in cultivating land/ crop (e.g. ownership/ tenancy/ cultivation rights) proposed for crop insurance and furnish the following documents:

(a) Proposal mentioning the notified Block/GP names, Village name and Mouza name and JL No., area fin ha) of cultivable land and undertaking that he/ she is not availing crop insurance for the same crop in the same survey/ plot number under some other bank account.

(b) KYC documents – i) Bank Passbook with photo; and ii) copy of Aadhaar Card or Aadhaar enrolment ID slip or iii) copy of voter ID card or iv) KCC Passbook or v) NREGA Job Card or vi) Driving license.

(c) Copy of Khatian/ Parcha/ Patta/ Deed/ Tax Receipt (for Owner cultivator) or a certificate from the Gram Panchayat Pradhan in the format at Annexure – XVIII for “Non-Owner Cultivator.”

(d) “Area Sown Certificate” (for intended sowing or actually sown) from Assistant Director of Agriculture of the concerned Block or his representative/ Revenue Officer of Land & Land Reforms Department.

The IA shall reserve the right to repudiate any proposal from Non-loanee farmer to avoid duplication of insurance against same piece of land.

19. Monitoring Committees will be formed at the State Level, District Level and Block Level for monitoring and supervision of the scheme as per the following arrangement:

A. State Level Monitoring Committee (SLMC):

i) Secretary, Agriculture Department. – Chairman
ii) Director and ex-officio Secretary, Agriculture Dte.
iii) Director, BAE & S or his representative.
iv) Joint Secretary, Agriculture Department. – Convener
v) ADA (Evaluation) or his representative
vi) Joint Director of Agriculture (Agril Stat) & SNO (Crop Insurance)
vii) Representative from Co-operation Department.
viii) State Level Officer of the Implementing Agency.
ix) Convener of SLBC or his nominee.
x) AGM, NABARD or his nominee.
xi) Farmers’ representative.
xii) Invitee member, if any.

B. District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC):

i) District Magistrate or Addl. District Magistrate. – Chairman
ii) Karmadhyaksha Krishi, Sech-O-Samabaya Sthayee Samiti of Zilla Parishad.
iii) Deputy Director of Agriculture (Admn) – Convener
iv) Asstt. Director, BAE & S.
v) AEO (Evaluation Wing).
vi) Representative of Co-operation Department.
vii) Representative of the Implementing Agency.
viii) Lead District Manager.
ix) District Development Manager, NABARD.
x) Farmers’ representative.
xi) Invitee member, if any.

C. Block Level Monitoring Committee (BLMC):

i) Block Development Officer – Chairman
ii) Karmadhyaksha Krishi, Sech-O-Samabaya Sthayee Samiti of the respective Panchayat Samiti.
iii) Asstt. Director of Agriculture – Convener
iv) Co-operative Inspector
v) Representative of Implementing Agency
vi) Any other member from local or reputed organization.
vii) Farmers’ representative.
viii) Invitee member, if any.

20. District Level Joint Committee for assessment of crop damage:

The District Level Monitoring Committee (DLMC) will also function as District Level Joint Committee by co-opting the Insurer (selected Implementing Agency in the district) for assessment of crop loss. The Chairman of DLMC may co-opt any other Officer as member, as he/ she may think fit. The Block Level Monitoring Committee (BLMC) formed under the chairmanship of the Block Development Officer will prepare the list of such cases of crop loss and send it to the DLMC. In case of Localized Losses and Post- harvest Calamities, the loss assessment will be done in terms of Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY under the supervision of these committees at the appropriate level.

The IAs will make adequate arrangement to receive intimation/ application from the affected farmers in a time bound manner for joint inspection.

21. District Level Authority to invoke provisions of On Account Payment due to Mid Season Adversity/ Prevented Sowing (Para 21 of the Revised Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY):

The District Magistrate of the concerned district will invoke these provisions, on behalf of the State Government, on the basis of crop condition reports from District Agriculture Office and Weather Reports using proxy indicators as per Revised Operational Guidelines. The cut off dates for notified crops for Prevented Sowing/ Prevented Germination district-wise and crop-wise and cut -off dates of harvesting of crops district-wise and crop-wise are provided in Annexure-XVI.

22. The required weather data will be provided from the listed Weather Stations/ Rain Gauge Stations in respective Block and in absence of it from the nearest Stations. Any clarification regarding weather data, if required, will be given by Indian Meteorological Department. Name and location of such Stations are provided in Annexure-XVII.

23. The IAs and the Banks will take effective measures in respect of data entry of all requisite information in the Crop Insurance Portal ( at regular intervals in compliance with the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY.

24. All other points in respect of implementation of the scheme shall be dealt in terms of the Revised Operational Guidelines of PMFBY.

25. This issues with the concurrence of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal vide U.O, No. Group A-1/2018-2019/0041, dated 20.11.2018.

By the Order of the Governor

Sd/- M. Chakravarty
Secretary to the Government of West Bengal

No. 1749-AG dated 27.11.2018, Source

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