List of Beneficiary Schools for Library Grant, 2014-15

Government of West Bengal
School Education Department
Planning & Budget Branch
Bikash Bhavan, East Block, 5th Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091

No. 309-SE (P&B)/11S-4/2010 Dated 20th October, 2014

From: A.K. Haldar, WBSS
Assistant Secretary, Government of West Bengal

To: The Commissioner of School Education, West Bengal
Bikash Bhavan, 7th Floor.

Sub: Approval of list of beneficiary Schools for library grant


This year (2014-15) a sum of Rs. 2,37,60,000 has been released as library grant to Government aided/Sp. Schools of West Bengal vide Sanction Order No. 210(Sanc)-SE(P&B)/11S-4/2010 dated 30/067/2014.

Now I am directed to inform you that the Governor is pleased to approve the Schools, as mentioned in the Annexure, as the beneficiaries for this year’s library grant. It may be mentioned that library grant shall not be provided to any unaided/private Schools.

I am also directed to request you allot the necessary fund to the beneficiary Schools through the concerned sub-ordinate officers of your office by the end of November, 2014. I am further directed to request you to send the list of Schools which are pending at your office till date.

Yours faithfully,

Sd/- A.K. Haldar
Assistant Secretary
Government of West Bengal

Annexure to G O No. 309-SE(P&B)/11S-4/2010 dated 20/10/2014

No.Name of the SchoolDistrict
1Bhalkuti High SchoolBirbhum
2Hatia High SchoolBirbhum
3Mohurapur High SchoolBirbhum
4Basantapur S.S. SikshaniketanBurdwan
5Charpataihat High SchoolBurdwan
6Chittaranjan Kasturba Gandhi VidyalayaBurdwan
7Gidhagram Gidheswar VidyaniketanBurdwan
8Hargram Umasundari Public High SchoolBurdwan
9Kamarhati Sikshaniketan High SchoolBurdwan
10Kasemnagar B.N.T.P Girls’ High SchoolBurdwan
11Khano High SchoolBurdwan
12Manjula Tarapada Choudhury VidyaniketanBurdwan
13Masagram High SchoolBurdwan
14Nigon Deshbandhu VidyamandirBurdwan
15Sadipur Dharmadas Sinha Smriti VidyaniketanBurdwan
16Saknara High SchoolBurdwan
17Samla Manderboni Colliery High SchoolBurdwan
18Sanktia High SchoolBurdwan
19Abutara High SchoolCoochbehar
20Baro Soulmari Thakur Panchanan High SchoolCoochbehar
21Jamadarbosh High SchoolCoochbehar
22Kaluram High SchoolCoochbehar
23Keshari Bari High SchoolCoochbehar
24Khochabari High SchoolCoochbehar
25Konachatra High SchoolCoochbehar
26Kurshahat High SchoolCoochbehar
27Mahakalhat High SchoolCoochbehar
28New Mathabhanga High SchoolCoochbehar
29Panigram High SchoolCoochbehar
30Sutibari High SchoolCoochbehar
31Saraswati High SchoolDarjeeling
32Balibela High School (H.S.)Hooghly
33Bansberia High SchoolHooghly
34Chatra High School (H.S.)Hooghly
35Dasghara Girls High SchoolHooghly
36Goai Ramchandra Paul InstitutionHooghly
37Gopinathpur High SchoolHooghly
38Itachuna Sree Narayan Institution (H.S.)Hooghly
39Joyrampur Panchanan Charaborty VidyapithHooghly
40Kapsit High School (H.S.)Hooghly
41Kishorepur V. C. High SchoolHooghly
42Pawnan Radharani High SchoolHooghly
43Pratapnagar Ramanimohan VidyaniketanHooghly
44Soaluk Azad High SchoolHooghly
45Adarsha Vidyamandir High SchoolHowrah
46Dehimondalghat High SchoolHowrah
47Hemnagar Hemchandra Smriti VidyamandirHowrah
48Maju R.N. Basu Girls’ High SchoolHowrah
49Rashpur High SchoolHowrah
50Bidhan Nagar High SchoolJalpaiguri
51Gairkata Girls’ High SchoolJalpaiguri
52Maynaguri Road High SchoolJalpaiguri
53Matelli High SchoolJalpaiguri
54Punam Chand Mittal Memorial High SchoolJalpaiguri
55Purba Batabari C M. High SchoolJalpaiguri
56Singimari Chandradev High SchoolJalpaiguri
57Barisha Purba Para High SchoolKolkata
58Garden Reach Mudiali Girls’ High SchoolKolkata
59Rajendra Siksha Sadan Girls’ High SchoolKolkata
60Bhado B.S.B. High School (H.S.)Malda
61Dharani Bhuban Shashi VidyapithMalda
62Gobindapur High SchoolMalda
63Jagajibanpur High SchoolMalda
64Kanua Bhawanipur High SchoolMalda
65Karkach Madhusudan High SchoolMalda
66Kazigram High SchoolMalda
67Meherapur Gangadhar High SchoolMalda
68Udaipur High SchoolMalda
69Brindabanpur S. S. High SchoolMurshidabad
70Dighri High SchoolMurshidabad
71Gajdharpara High SchoolMurshidabad
72Gobindatola Bholanath Pandey High SchoolMurshidabad
73Jiaganj Raja Bijoy Singh VidyamandirMurshidabad
74Sahajadpur Sarbagan High SchoolMurshidabad
75Tikarbaria Kazi Nazrul High SchoolMurshidabad
76Chandghar Adarsha VidyapithNadia
77Fakirdanga High SchoolNadia
78Gede Sammilani High SchoolNadia
79Haripur High SchoolNadia
80Hatisala High SchoolNadia
81Panchkkhela High SchoolNadia
82Parimal Bagchi Smriti VidyalayaNadia
83Sahispur Kiranbala VidyamandirNadia
84Santinagar Jaynarayanpur High SchoolNadia
85Senpara Radharani High SchoolNadia
86Agarpara Mahajati VidyapithNorth 24 Parganas (Bkp)
87Ashoknagar Vidyasagar Bani Bhavan High SchoolNorth 24 Parganas
88Bhagabati Smriti Vidyamandir High SchoolNorth 24 Parganas
89Boheragachi United InstitutionNorth 24 Parganas
90Chandipur High SchoolNorth 24 Parganas
91Chhaigharia Thakur Haridas Balika Vidyalaya (H.S.)North 24 Parganas
92Chowdhurichak Santimoy Siksha NiketanNorth 24 Parganas
93Dhanyakuria Girls’ High SchoolNorth 24 Parganas
94Dum Dum Subhasnagar Girls’ High SchoolNorth 24 Parganas (Bkp)
95Balichak Girls’ High SchoolPaschim Medinipur
96Keshiary High SchoolPaschim Medinipur
97Kheput High School (H.S.)Paschim Medinipur
98Manoharpur Sri Ramkrishna High School (H.S.)Paschim Medinipur
99Baliuk High SchoolPurba Medinipur
100Betkalla Milani VidyaniketanPurba Medinipur
101Dakshin Khejuri Banimancha High SchoolPurba Medinipur
102Demari Balika Vidyalaya (High School)Purba Medinipur
103Geondab Panchanan Smriti Milan VidyabhabanPurba Medinipur
104Gobindanagar Muslim High SchoolPurba Medinipur
105Hanschara M.D. High SchoolPurba Medinipur
106Harinbhasha Nivedita Balika SikshniketanPurba Medinipur
107Jerthan Gayaprasad Vidyapith (High)Purba Medinipur
108Joykrishnapur High SchoolPurba Medinipur
109Kalagonda Rajani VidyabhabanPurba Medinipur
110Khejuri Janakalyan Siksha Sadan (High School)Purba Medinipur
111Kumarchak Janakalyan SikshaniketanPurba Medinipur
112Mudibarh Vivekananda VidyapithPurba Medinipur
113Narubala Gangadhar Adarsha VidyayatanPurba Medinipur
114Salika Garchak R A VidyapithPurba Medinipur
115Srirampur Agricultural High SchoolPurba Medinipur
116Subdi Sitanath Vidyapith (H.S.)Purba Medinipur
117Ichhar High SchoolPurulia
118Khudibandh High SchoolPurulia
119Kustar High SchoolPurulia
120Lalpur Ramani Bala High SchoolPurulia
121Sanka High SchoolPurulia
122Sankra High SchoolPurulia
123Tatari Kendadih High SchoolPurulia
124Abhoy Charan VidyapithSouth 24 Parganas
125A.P.C. Atul Krishna Balika VidyaniketanSouth 24 Parganas
126Ballavpur Mohini Mohan High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
127Banashyamnagar High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
128Baroda Prasad High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
129Belsingha Sikshayatan (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
130Bhangore High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
131Bidyanagar Balika Vidyalya (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
132Biprodaspur High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
133Bodra High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
134Budge Budge St. Thomas Memorial SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
135Canning David Sasoon High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
136Chak Chatta Sashibhusan High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
137Chakhaturia J.F. High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
138Chak Panchghara Shitala High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
139Chandaneswar High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
140Chauhati High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
141Daria J.L.N. Vidyalaya (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
142Datterchak High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
143Dhola High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
144Donlaliya Anumati Balika Vidyalaya (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
145Dwarikanath Girls’ High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
146Fatepur Sreenath InstitutionSouth 24 Parganas
147Green Park High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
148Harindanga High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
149Jagaddal Umacharan High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
150Jhapberia High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
151Jogendrapur High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
152Kamrabad Girls’ High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
153Kamrad Uchcha VidyalayaSouth 24 Parganas
154Karanjali B.K. Institution (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
155Kayatala High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
156Keoratala Sarat Chandra High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
157Khandalia High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
158Krishna Chandrapur High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
159Kuldia High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
160Kulpi Janapirya High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
161Kulti Govt. colony Girls’ High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
162Kusumba High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
163Madhabnagar High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
164Mahamayapur Adarsha VidyapithSouth 24 Parganas
165Mallickpur Abdus Sukur High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
166Mallickpur Girls’ High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
167Masjitbati Perbati High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
168Mathurapur Arya Vidyapith (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
169Mohaspur Jasoda Vidyapith (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
170Mongal Chandra VidyapithSouth 24 Parganas
171Moriswar Motilal High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
172Muldia Chaitanyapur Deshgourab Vidyamandi;South 24 Parganas
173Nafarganj Baidyanath Vidyamandir (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
174Nishchintapur Rakhaldas High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
175Parulia High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
176Parulia Sri Ramkrishna High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
177Pathar Pratima Brajaballavpur Brajamohan Tiwari High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
178Prasadpur Bhaghyadhar VidyayatanSouth 24 Parganas
179Raibaghini High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
180Rajnagar Biswambhar High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
181Ramnagar Adarsha High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
182Rana Beliaghata High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
183Ranaghata High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
184Raniga Jatispur High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas
185Sambhunagar High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
186Sangraminagar High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
187Santigachi High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
188Shibkalinagar Ishan Memorial High School (H.S.South 24 Parganas
189Sitarampur High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
190Sree Gouranga High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
191Sree Sree Ramkrishna Vidyamandir (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
192St. Gabrial High School (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
193Sundarban Janakalyan Vidyaniketan (H.S.)South 24 Parganas
194Tangrakhali High SchoolSouth 24 Parganas

No. 309-SE dated 20.10.2014

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