Finance Department – Archive, 1999

10029-F dt. 11.11.1999Special Allowance to the Automobile Drivers/ Cleaners/ Helpers/ Khalasis
2708-F dt. 07.09.1999Revision of pension who retired in between 01.01.1986 and 31.12.1995
2707-F dt. 07.09.1999Family pension i.r.o. who retired/ died between 01.01.1986 and 31.12.95
2706-F dt. 07.09.1999Revision of pension of pre- 01.01.1986 pensioners
2695-F dt. 06.09.1999Grant of ex-gratia of Rs. 800/-
7377-F dt. 28.07.1999Appointment on promotion to Grade – I post of Gr. – D
1770-F dt. 27.07.1999Economy measures in Govt. expenditure
1613-F dt. 09.07.1999Enhancement of Bi-cycle Advance
1567-F dt. 06.07.1999Computer Purchase Advance
5542-F dt. 23.06.1999Grant of house rent allowance to the officers for living in the Circuit House
1302-F dt. 31.05.1999Bi-cycle Advance
1301-F dt. 31.05.1999Loans for Motor Car/ Motor cycle/ Scooters
1300-F dt. 31.05.1999House Building Loan
4731-F dt. 25.05.1999T.A., D.A. of Minister
4730-F dt. 25.05.1999Travelling Allowance Rules – Fourth Pay Commission
4597-F dt. 19.05.1999Modification of Head of accounts
570-F dt. 04.05.1999Clarification regarding consolidation of more than one pension
3728-F dt. 26.04.1999Deputation of State Govt. Employee to other Govt. Companies
518-F dt. 21.04.1999Revision of Winter and Hill Compensatory Relief w.e.f. 01.04.1999
517-F dt. 21.04.1999Grant of Medical relief @ Rs. 100/-p.m. to pensioners w.e.f. 01.04.1999
2063-F dt 03.03.1999Medical Allowance, Winter Allowance and Hill Compensatory Allowance
1991-F dt. 01.03.1999Stoppage of GPF subscription 3 months before retirement
485-F dt 15.01.1999Enhancement of rate of daily wages for casual workers
30-F dt. 08.01.1999Modification of No. 492-F dated 21.03.1997

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