Finance Department – Archive, 2004

West Bengal Govt. Circulars, Notifications, Orders, Clarifications, Memorandum of Finance Department, Govt. of West Bengal published in the year 2004.

10500-F dt. 19.11.2004Revised Purchase Policy-amendments thereof
10472-F dt. 18.11.2004Revised form 10A & 10B for final payment of G.P. Fund
9584-F dt. 11.10.2004Limit of Financial Power Enhanced for Office Rent (Schedule A item 27(a))
DT/1421 dt. 30.06.2004Clarification on T. A. (Countersigning of TA Bill & Approval of Tour Diary)
3019-F dt. 27.02.2004State Govt. will not stand guarantor for Personal Loan
505-F dt. 14.01.2004Grade-I posts created prior 1.4.81 to be treated as functional posts