Complain against Government through Public Grievance Portal


Do you have any bitter experience with any Government organization? Yes, many of us have it in our lifetime. In many cases Govt. wastes a lot of time to take decision; Sometimes it takes several weeks, months and even several years without assigning any reply and even do not provide us the basic information regarding the matter. And most surprisingly we do not have the guts to go against that particular Govt. Office/ Departments etc. and ultimately we fade up to act properly. I wish to support an initiative taken jointly by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances and Directorate of Public Grievances, Govt. of India, to take care about the despair of citizens of India. Well, what is the mechanism of this initiative and how it works?

  • It’s simple and very effective. A platform for redressal of grievance for citizens is available through internet. Anybody can lodge a complaint against any Govt. organization. It is acknowledged.
  • No grievance is rejected without proper examination and a reply is sent to the grievance holder.
  • The portal will forward the complaint to the respective Government/ Department/ Ministry for immediate redress.
  • No response or unsatisfactory response of the concerned Govt./ Department/ Ministry will be taken up by the PG officers of DAR&PG for close monitoring and expeditious redress.
  • Portal will give a reasoned reply to the complainant, if a grievance cannot be settled.

Individual citizens are thus given equal importance and weightage. DAR&PG has been making endeavors to bring excellence in public service delivery and to redress grievances of citizens in a meaningful manner by effectively coordinating with different Ministries and Departments of the Government and trying to eliminate the causes of grievances.

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