Irrigation & Waterways

Development and regulation of the State’s inland water resources (mainly surface) with the object of preventing and controlling floods and water logging.

Creation of Additional Posts in Different Departments of West Bengal

Finance, Irrigation & Waterways, PAR, Public Health Engineering, Public Works, Water Resources Investigation and Development,

A number of proposals for awarding different service benefits to the employees of the Government of West Bengal and reorganizing the cadre of different Services of Government of West Bengal through creation of some posts were under consideration of the Government for sometime past.

Unified Schedule of Rates of Irrigation and Waterways Department, West Bengal

Irrigation & Waterways,

This Unified Schedule of Rates is brought into effect from 19.01.2018 for all works under the Irrigation and Waterways Department, Govt. of West Bengal in supersession to all existing “Schedule of Rates”.

Re-Jurisdiction of Mechanical and Electrical Wing of Irrigation and Waterways

Irrigation & Waterways,

Some minor modification in respect of work load and territorial jurisdiction of working Divisions of Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) wing, was felt necessary to reduce overlapping of jurisdiction among working Divisions.

Publication of Referral Advertisement for e-Tenders of Irrigation and Waterways

Irrigation & Waterways, , ,

All the Brief referral advertisements for e-tenders of different offices under the control of Irrigation & Waterways Dept. shall be published in the newspapers centrally through the office of the Executive Engineer, DVC Study Cell.

State Technical Advisory Committee under Irrigation and Waterways Department

Irrigation & Waterways,

State Technical Committee of West Bengal Flood Control Board is renamed as, State Technical Advisory Committee.

Restructuring of Mechanical and Electrical Wing of Irrigation and Waterways Dte.

Irrigation & Waterways,

Governor has been pleased, in the interest of public service, to restructure and reorganize the Mechanical & Electrical (M&E) Wing of the Irrigation & Waterways Department (IWD), to ensure equitable distribution of workload.

NOC for Bridge Construction over River/ Drainage Channel/ Irrigation Canal

Irrigation & Waterways,

Applications are being received from Private Persons/ entities, for allowing them to construct bridges/ culverts over rivers/ drainage channels/ irrigation canals for establishing a convenient and alternative access to residential premises, industrial set ups etc., at their own cost.

Guidelines on Riverbank Protection and Anti-Sea Erosion Works in West Bengal

Irrigation & Waterways,

Detailed guidelines on standardization of riverbank protection and coastal protection works for different districts of the State of West Bengal, clustered in five zones.

Guidelines for Short Notice Tender in Emergent Situations under IWD

Irrigation & Waterways, ,

Restoration of damages through usual process by e-tender in compliance of West Bengal Financial Rules since amended in terms of Finance Department No. 5400-F dated 25.06.2012 frustrates the very purpose of emergency.

Guidelines for e-Tender/ e-Quotation/ e-Procurement of Works and Material Purchase

Irrigation & Waterways,

It is mandatory to publish all NIT/ e-NIT/ e-NIQ in the centralised e-tender portal http://wbtenders.gov.in and also on Departmental website www.wbiwd.gov.in.
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