Determination of Workload of Graduate Laboratory Instructors

(College Sponsored Branch)

No. 329-Edn (CS)/4C-122/2018 Date: 24.02.2021


The question of re-designation and determination of workload of the Graduate Laboratory Instructors (GLI) of Government-aided Colleges who are enjoying scale of pay equivalent to that of the teachers of aided colleges and possessing required qualification for being appointed as the teacher of colleges as per the regulation of the University Grants Commission was under active consideration of the State Government for some time.

After careful consideration of all these aspects and also considering that the Graduate Laboratory Instructors being “Dying Cadre” placed in various Government-aided Colleges in West Bengal are enjoying scale of pay equal to that of the teachers of aided colleges and many of them are already discharging teaching assignment in colleges having qualification for being appointed as teachers in colleges as per qualifications prescribed by UGC, the Governor is hereby pleased to direct that the Graduate Laboratory Instructors who possess the minimum qualification required for Assistant Professor at the entry point as per relevant UGC Regulations, to be considered for teaching assignment of theory classes and to be designated as Laboratory Instructor, Laboratory Instructor (Sr. Scale), Laboratory Instructor (Selection Grade) and Laboratory Instructor (Associate Grade) in relation to their AGP of Rs. 6,000/ (revised level-10), AGP of Rs. 7,000/- (revised level-11), AGP of Rs. 8,000/- (revised level-12) and AGP of Rs. 9,000/- (revised level-13 A) respectively under CAS.

The other Graduate Laboratory Instructors who do not possess UGC prescribed qualification for Assistant Professor will remain with existing designation.

This order is issued in concurrence with the Finance Department, vide their U.O. No. Group P1/2020-2021/0373 dated 18.02.2021.

Sd/- Deputy Secretary

No. 329-Edn dated 24.02.2021, Source

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