e-Pradan implementation for COSA bills for all DDOs

Steps to be followed at DDO end for newly deployed COSA bill entry:

Step-1: All beneficiary to be approved first.

Step-2: Click on COSA Bill Entry under e-Pradan menu

Step-3: Upload the COSA salary files (for each bill two files like bill summary file and other is personal detail file) for the month of April, 2015.> After uploading successfully a Reference no. will be generated.

Step-4: Go to Beneficiary Bill Entry Menu > Select the Reference no. from LOV, and click on Search.

Step-5: Then click on Cheque list > The row to be deleted which are not required for cheque. If Cheque is required in addition to ECS, do not delete the said row. Please note that Only Cheque mode is not allowed presently through e-Pradan.

Step-6: Then Beneficiary to be tagged one by one with respective net amount by selecting ECS List. It is important to note that, Total amount of ECS List + Cheque List = Net amount of the bill compulsorily.

Step-7: After submission of bill electronically by using DSC through e-Pradan module, the hard copy of the bill need to be submitted positively including all schedules to the PAO.

Step-8: in case of failed transaction (for wrong IFSC and Bank Account No.), the concern DDO will correct the IFSC /Bank Account No. (from the ‘to be settled’ menu) immediately from the menu under Failed Transaction. (No hard copy of the said bill further be required for resubmission)

Step-9: in case of failed transaction, refund bill generation process will be followed by PAO after necessary correction by DDO. (No hard copy of bill further required for re submission)

Please remember no e-Pradan COSA salary bill will be received from the month of May, 2015 as per government memorandum.

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