Exempted Category of Bill from the purview of e-Pradan

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 4725-F(Y) Dated, 18th June, 2015


In continuation of FD memo. nos 3060-F(Y) dt. 13.4.15, and 3577-F(Y) dt. 6.5.15, the following categories of claims are exempted from the purview of e-pradan introduced vide FD memo. no. 1179-F(Y) dt. 25.2.15.

  1. Inter-state Government payment
  2. Payment to any organisation/undertaking/office of Government of India
  3. Funeral expenses
  4. Electricity bills
  5. Telephone bills
  6. Municipal tax
  7. Payment to post office towards cost of postage stamp, franking machine refill charge.
  8. Secret service expenditure
  9. Recoupment of permanent advance
  10. Expenses related to disposal of unclaimed dead bodies
  11. Payment as per direction of court

Payment against bills related to the claims mentioned above may be made by drawal of cheque in favour of the payee as advised by the DDO in the bill.

Sd/- H.K. Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 4725-F dated 18.06.2015, Source

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