Exempted category for Drawal of Bills under e-Pradan module


Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 3577-F(Y) Dated, the 6th May, 2015.


E-Pradan module of IFMS has been introduced vide FD Memo No. 1179-F(Y) dated 25.2.15 read with No. 4905-F(Y) dated 17.9.14 with effect from 1.4.15. It has been stipulated in clause-3 of FD Memo No. 1179-F(Y) dated 25.2.15 that all the payments except for the bills related to utility service and telephone bills will be made by credit of the fund to the payee’s bank account. Provision has also been made for payment against bills by treasury cheques in favour of the DDOs, where necessary. One exemption order has been issued vide FD memo No. 3060- F(Y) dated 13.4.15 to include advance drawal sanctioned under TR 4.138 under exempted category. In the meantime, reports have been received from the DDOs informing difficulty faced by them for nonreceipt of payment from Treasury by order cheque in their favour. Some of the instances in which DDOs may need order cheques in their favour from the Treasury/ PAO are as follows:

i. Tiffin/conveyance charges drawn out of contingency; and,

ii. Adjustment of advance initially taken from permanent imprest under Rule 323 of WBFR, Vol-I. In such cases unless the cheque is drawn in favour of the DDOs, there may be a problem of adjustment of the advance taken from the permanent imprest since the travelling advance bill submitted to Treasury/ PAO by DDO for withdrwal of the TA claim of the Government employee needs to be realised by the DDO for the purpose of recovery of the advance made initially out of permanent imprest under Rule 323(2) of WBFR.

Therefore, the undersigned is directed to include the following items of expenditure under exempted category for drawal of bills under e-pradan module of IFMS.

  1. Drawal of tiffin charges/conveyance charges under “13-OE” or “50-other charges”; and,
  2. Drawal of claim of travelling allowances initially met out of permanent advance by the DDO.

This order is issued in continuation of FD Memo No. 3060-F(Y) dated 13.4.15 and in partial modification of Clause-2 of FD memo No. 4905-F(Y) dated 17.9.14.

Sd/- H.K.Dwivedi
Principal Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3577-F dated 06.05.2015, Source