Extension of Tenure of Managing Committees – an Amendment

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Circular No. 104/Admin/13 Date: 12.07.2013

From: The Administrator,
West Bengal Board of Secondary Education

To: The Heads of all Recognised Non-Govt. (Aided & Unaided) Secondary Schools.

Sub: (i) Postponement of Election for Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee of the Recognised Secondary Schools in view of the revised programme of Panchayet Election, 2013.

(ii) Extension of the tenure of the Managing Committees/Ad-hoc Committees/ Organising Committees/Administrators upto 30.11.2013.

Ref: (i) Board’s Circular No. 103/Admin/13 dt. 10.07.2013.
(ii) Board’s Circular No. 87/Admin/13 dt. 31.05.2013.

In partial modification of Board’s earlier Circular No. 103/Admin/13 dt. 10.07.2013 on the above subject, I, in exercise of the powers conferred upon the Administrator by Sub-Sec. 2 of Section 28 read with Sub-Sec. 1(b) of Sec. 50 of the W.B.B.S.E. Act, 1963, as amended, am pleased to notify further that in view of the declaration of revised programme of Panchayet Election, 2013, the entire process of Constitution/ Reconstitution of the Managing Committee shall remain suspended upto 29.07.2013 or till the date of declaration of the results of Panchayet Election, 2013, whichever is later.

It is also notified that the 2nd/ last paragraph of Circular No. 103/Admin/13 dated 10.07.2013 shall be replaced as :

” The date 13.07.2013, wherever appears in this Office Circular No. 87/Admin/13 dated 31.05.2013, shall be revised as 29.07.2013 or till the declaration of the results of ensuing Panchayet Electioin of the State, 2013, whichever is later and the tenure of the Managing Committee/ Ad-hoc Committee/Administrator, as the case may be, is hereby extended from 27.05.2013 to 30.11.2013 in place of 31.10.2013.”

Sd/- Kalyanmoy Ganguly

No. 104/Admin/13 dated 12.07.2013

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