Guidelines for Service Connections for Newly Constructed Buildings

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department

Memo No. 13-ACS/PWD Dated, 21.01.2020


Sub: Guidelines and Procedure to be followed for Service Connections for construction and for obtaining regular service/ utility connections.

It is being observed that new projects are getting delayed due to non-availability of Electricity and other service connections from the respective Service providers to the newly constructed Buildings. It has also been noticed that different Government Departments/ Agencies are not completing formalities for obtaining service connections in their name.

2. To avoid such delay and expedite the process of getting service connections in time, it has been decided that henceforth all the Departments/ Agencies concerned should follow these guidelines to ensure early completion of the projects.

(i) PWD will arrange to provide different service connection forms (i.e. Electricity & Water etc.) to the local authorities of the requisitioning Departments/ Agencies to fill up and sign the same on behalf of the Department/ Agency.

(ii) Similarly, in case of IT infrastructure works, the service provider’s Consumer Application Forms and other relevant documents for obtaining internet/ Telephone/ Mobile phone connections etc are to be filled up and signed by the requisitioning authorities only and all relevant costs including recurring charges are to be paid by the user authorities.

(iii) Requisite charges against cable TV/ DTH connection etc will also have to be borne by the end-user authorities only.

(iv) In case of buildings maintained by PWD, existing arrangement regarding payment of charges against these services including water and electricity charges shall continue.

(v) PWD authorities should take necessary measures to convert the existing service connections which were taken at the time of construction in PWD’s name in favour of the concerned Department/ Agency immediately.

(vi) In summary, henceforth the requisitioning Department/ Agency will have to apply for obtaining electricity/ water connection for building construction. Subsequently, regular/ permanent connection of utility services will have to be applied for and all user charges also whether one-time or recurring will be paid by the user Department/ Agency. PWD will however, facilitate obtaining such service connections.

By order of the Governor,

Additional Chief Secretary to the
Govt. of West Bengal
Public Works Department

No. 13-ACS dated 21.01.2020, Source

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