Honorarium and Conveyance Charge to Inquiring Authority

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 6191-F(P) Dated: 08.12.2014


Sub: Grant of Honorarium and Conveyance Charge to Inquiring Authority and Presenting Officer appointed from retired officers.

Consequent upon inclusion of the provision for appointment of retired Government officers as Inquiring Authority and Presenting Officer as well as legal practitioner as Presenting Officer by way of amendment in the West Bengal Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules, 1971 vide notification No. 4956-F(P) dt. 19.09.2014, it has become necessary to fix up the rate of honorarium and conveyance charge to be paid to them.

Now, after careful consideration of the matter, the Governor has been pleased to fix up honorarium and conveyance charge payable to them in the following manner.

ParticularsRate per case
Honorarium(i) Inquiring Authority (Retired officers) (ii) Presenting officer (Both retired officers & legal practitioners)Rs. 25,000/- Rs. 7,000/-
Conveyance Charge(i) Inquiring Authority Rs. 6,000/- per case. (ii) Presenting officerRs. 4,000/- per case.

The above is subject to the following conditions:-

1) A case is to be completed within a period of six months. In case of delay beyond the said period which is not due to non-cooperation of the charged employee or due to stay order from any court, the honorarium will be reduced by 50%.

2) Not more than 20 cases will be assigned to any Inquiring Authority or Presenting Officer in a calendar year.

3) Secretarial Assistance will be provided by the Administrative Department.

4) No Government vehicle will be provided to anyone.

5) Engagement of retired officers and legal practitioners may be made with the approval of departmental Secretary when the number of Departmental Proceedings are large and those are not possible to dispose of engaging in service officers.

This order will take immediate effect.

Sd/- A. K. Das
OSD & E.O. Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 6191-F dated 08.12.2014, Source