Quick Implementation of Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme (CMDMP)

Govt. of West Bengal
Office of the District Inspector of Schools (S.E.)
Barrackpore, 24 PGS (N)
60, Barasat Rd. P.O- Nona-Chandanpukur.Dist: North 24 -Parganas.

Memo No. 1049(400)/G Date 26th Dec., 2013

From: District Inspector of Schools(SE)
Barrackpore Education District.

To: The all H.M/ TIC of different Jr. /High/ H. S. Schools/ Madrasah (Govt. and Govt.- aided) under Barrackpore Education District.

Sub: Quick implementation of Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme (CMDMP).

Ref: Memo No. 984(450)/G dated 19th Nov., 2013 of this office.

It is a matter of great regret that after issuance of several letters from this office regarding the above noted subject quoting order and direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, most of the Head of the Institution of different schools are remain inert in this subject. It is also noted from their letter issued to this office that some of them are remain reluctant mentioning some illogical reason in favour of “Not implementation of the said National Scheme” in their respective schools. This is an instance of negligence of duty and responsibility of a Head of the Educational Institution. Besides, it also hindered the accountability of the teacher concerned. Considering the gravity of the order and direction of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India, I am directed to further inform all of you that treat this matter as top priority and take action(s) accordingly for smooth implementation of the said national programme within 7th January, 2014.

In this regard all Head of the Institutions are further informed that they must submit the Status Report of CMDMP in the prescribed format (available in the reference Memo, mentioned above) along with monthly salary requisition of the respective schools. Otherwise, Salary Bill will not be accepted.

District Inspector of Schools(SE)
Barrackpore, North 24 Patrganas.

No. 1049/G dated 26.12.2013

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