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Joining Time

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As per Rule 80 of WBSR – I, Joining Time is granted for the following:-

As per Rule 81 of WBSR – I, in case of transfer from one station to another including change of residence joining time is admissible as under:-

Sl. No.Distance between the old Headquarters and the new HeadquartersJoining time admissibleJoining time admissible where the transfer necessarily involves continuous travel by road for more than 200 km
11000 km or less10 days12 days
2More than 1000 km12 days15 days

As per Rule 82 of WBSR – I, when a new post is not in a new station, i.e., within the same station or when a Government employee does not change his residence on transfer from one station to another, the joining time admissible is one day only.

As per Rule 81(3) of WBSR – I, when a Government employee joins the new post without availing of the full joining time, reduced by the number of days actually trailed of shall be credited to his leave account as earned leave. Joining time may be combined with vacation and/ or regular leave of any kind or duration except casual leave.

As per Rule 93 of WBSR – I, joining time is regarded as duty and pay equal to the pay drawn before relinquishment of charge in the old post is admissible during joining time. In addition, Dearness allowance appropriate to the pay and House Rent allowance and City Compensatory allowance as applicable to the old headquarter are admissible. Permanent T.A. or Conveyance allowances are not allowed during joining time.

A Govt. employee on transfer is not entitled to be paid while on joining time unless his transfer is made in the public interest.

As per Rule 94 of WBSR – I, a Govt. employee who does not join his post within his joining time is not entitled to any pay or leave salary for the period between the expiry of his joining time and his taking over charge of his post.