Maintenance of Water Supply Systems by Civil wing of PWD

Government of West Bengal
Public Works Department
Works Branch
Nabanna, 8th floor
Howrah – 711102

No. 617-W(C)/1M-254/16 Date: December 8, 2016


Sub: Maintenance of water supply systems by Civil wing of PWD

Several procedures were prescribed vide this office memorandum No. 379-W(C)/1M-254/16 dt. 8/7/2016, regarding all new projects/ buildings requiring installation of tubewells and allied plumbing works in order to mitigate the coordination issues between Civil and Electrical wings of PWD in construction and maintenance of tubewells in Government buildings.

  1. However, it has been observed that coordination problems still persist between Civil and Electrical wings of PWD, with regard to existing installations in old buildings. The new buildings are being maintained by Civil wing only.
  2. To avoid such issues in future, it has been decided in partial modification of this office memorandum No. 379-W(C)/lM-254/16 dt. 8/7/2016, that maintenance of old water supply systems with effect from 1st April, 2017 would also be done by the Civil wing of PWD.
  3. Electrical and Civil wings should take necessary measures for hand over/ take over of existing water supply systems from 1/4/2017.

Sd/- Indevar Pandey
Principal Secretary
Public Works Department

No. 617-W dated 08.12.2016, Source

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