National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement

National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement was instituted in 1996 and is awarded by the Department of Women & Child Development, Govt. of India.


The Government of India from time to time has been instituting awards for individuals and organizations who have done outstanding work for the welfare and development of children. Awards have also been instituted for honouring children who have been shown exemplary courage at the risk of their own lives.

The Ministry has for some time been thinking of instituting Awards to give recognition to children with exceptional abilities and who have achieved outstanding status in various fields including academics, arts, culture and sports etc.




Children between the age of 4 to 15 years who have shown in exceptional achievement in any field including academics, arts and culture and sports etc. will be considered for this Award. One Gold Medal and 35 Silver Medals (one for each State/U.T) are to be given annually.


The Awards for the child with exceptional achievement shall consists of:-

(A) Gold Medal – 1 (One)

  1. Cash prize of Rs. 20,000/-
  2. Citation and certificates, and
  3. Gold Medal

(B) Silver Medals – 35 (Thirty five)

  1. Award money @ Rs.10,000/- for each awardee
  2. Citation and certificate for each awardee, and
  3. Silver Medal for each awardee


A National Selection Committee out of the cases recommended by various bodies will make the selection.

The National Selection Committee will consist of the following persons: –

  1. Minister of State I/C in the M/O of Women& Child Development. … Chairperson
  2. Secretary, WCD … Member
  3. Secretary or his nominee in the M/o Social Justice & Empowerment … Member
  4. Secretary or his nominee in the Dept. of Education … Member
  5. Secretary or his nominee in the Dept. of Culture … Member
  6. Secretary of his nominee in the M/O of YA & Sports … Member
  7. Jt. Secretary (CW), M/O WCD … Member
  8. Dy. Secretary (CW), M/O WCD … Member


The application should be recommended by recommended by State/U.T Deptts., any Deptt. of Govt. of India/District Authority, Local Self Govt. (Panchayat, Zila Parishad, Municipal Corporation etc.). Experts in the field, Member of Parliament, Member of Legislative Assemblies/Legislative Councils and reputed Voluntary Organizations.


Particulars of the child recommended for the Award should be furnished in the proforma given at Annexure. Recommendations received after 31st July may not be considered.

The National Selection Committee may, at its discretion, also consider individuals other than recommended by a State Governments/U.T. Administration, for the Award.


(i) The child is to be selected for the Award should unusual talent and exceptional achievement in any field including academics, arts, culture and sports etc.

(ii) Age certificate (Date of birth) duly attested by a Gazetted Govt. office may be attached.

(iii) Tributes/traits, which are claimed to be possessed by the child extraordinary or exceptional, should be reported in the Press, or have been tested by experts in the field.It should also be possible to subject the claim to an objective test.


The Award will be announced on 14th November each year and will be given away in New Delhi on a date and time convenient to the Minister for Women & Child Development.

The child will receive the Award personally. The Ministry of Women & Child Development will pay the Awardees and his/her guardian/escort (maximum number 2) expenditure involved in traveling and daily allowances as per rules.


Particulars of the individual recommended for “National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement”

2 passport size
photograph duly attested

1. (i) Name (in Hindi & English)
(ii) Date of birth (duly attested)
(iii) Place of birth
(iv) Educational qualifications (with certificates, if applicable)
(v) Telephone No. (with code)
(iv) Present address (with father’s name)

2. Field of Achievement

3. How is the performance of the individual adjudged as exceptional achievement

4. A brief life sketch of the child including press clippings etc./certificates etc.

5. Sponsored by (Govt., other agencies etc. with details)

6. Remarks of the State/UT Govt/recommending authority.

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