Women Development and Social Welfare

To provide welfare services for the well being of the under privileged sectors of our society such as children, women, persons with disability, aged, orphans and victims of social maladies.

  • SOP for Rupashree Prakalpa in connection with “Duare Sarkar” Campaign

    “Rupashree Prakalpa” is aimed at mitigating the difficulties that poor families face in bearing the expenditure of their daughters’ marriages. Eligible beneficiary gets the benefit to the scheme prior to her marriage.

  • Lakshmir Bhandar Prakalpa in West Bengal

    Governor is hereby pleased to introduce a scheme of the Government of West Bengal to provide the female members of all families of the state an assured monthly income to improve their financial condition and promote women empowerment.

  • Manabik under the “Jai Bangla Scheme, 2020”

    Governor is pleased to notify that the Guidelines of the Manabik Pension Scheme stands modified to the extent that percentage of disability necessary to be eligible for the benefit will now be “40% & above” instead of 50% previously.

  • West Bengal Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Rules, 2017

    West Bengal Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Rules, 2017 published vide No. 5341-SW dated 15.09.2017 by Department of Women and Child Development and Social Welfare.

  • “MANABIK” Pension Scheme, 2018

    “MANABIK” Pension Scheme, 2018 is applicable for the person having 50% or more disability and the annual family income of the person with disability does not exceed Rs. 1,00,000.00 (Rupees One lakh) per annum.

  • Withdrawal of Family Income Criteria for Kanyashree

    In order to ensure that the benefit of “Kanyashree Prakalpa” reaches all school going girls, it has been decided to remove the family income as an eligibility criteria from Kanyashree Year 2018-19.

  • Sabala Scheme for Adolescent Girls

    Sabala aims at empowering Adolescent Girls of 11 to 18 years by improving their nutritional and health status, up gradation of home skills, life skills and vocational skills.

  • Download Rupashree Prakalpa Application Form

    Govt. of West Bengal has launched Rupashree Scheme. In this scheme one time financial grant of Rs. 25,000/- will be given to girls above 18 years old for marriage purpose.

  • Child Adoption Procedures in West Bengal

    Any single man or single woman or married couple having child or no child is eligible to adopt. Single man can not adopt a girl child. The total cost for adoption is Rs. 46,000/-

  • Opening Savings Account by Blind/ Visually Impaired Person

    A blind/ visually-impaired person can open Savings, RD, MIS, TD, SCSS and PPF accounts in his/her name independently. Procedure for Opening and Operating of Account is described.