Introduction of New Functionalities in HRMS – HRA, ITAX, GPF etc.

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

Memo No. 3972-F(Y) Dated: 17.12.2021

Sub: Introduction of new functionalities in HRMS

After successful implementation of different sub-modules of HRMS, Finance Department, Government of West Bengal has decided to implement online Declaration of HRA, Process for change of deduction of Income Tax at Source and change of GPF Subscription, drawal of Part Salary, Modification of Attendance for Wage employees after approval, change of Bank Account of terminated/ retired employees and addition of new beneficiary Bank Account(s) for deceased employees and entry of Sanction details in respect of Grant in Aid Pay Bills in HRMS.

These will facilitate switchover from present manual process used in various offices of the State Government across the state to a web-based online one.

1) Online House Rent Allowance (HRA) declaration under Para 2B of Finance Department Memo No. 6038-F Dated 22/05/1984:-

In order to draw HRA, all the employees of Govt. of West Bengal will submit his or her HRA declaration (that is required to be submitted twice in a year in January & July) to the DDO from the menu <My Applications> -> <HRA Declarations>. Once the DDO accepts that HRA declaration the amount of HRA of the employees and his or her spouse will automatically be updated in the system. The HRA declaration so made will be available under menu <My request> -> <HRA declaration status>. However those employees who cannot make such HRA declaration online, the manual process will continue to be available, as usual.

2) Online deduction of Income Tax at source:-

The employee will be able to submit Income Tax deduction request to the DDO from the menu <My Application> -> <Income Tax Deduction request> from their eSE Login. The employee can insert the income tax amount to be deducted along with the commencement date and end date for such deduction. But if the end date is not mentioned the same amount will continue to be deducted every month. After acceptance by the DDO the same will automatically be reflected in salary deduction component. The status of this request may be seen from the menu <My request> -> <Status of IT and GPF deductions>.

3) Online request for change of GPF Subscription:-

The same process as mentioned in (2) above in case of deduction of Income Tax will be followed in case of online submission of request for change of GPF subscription by the employees.

4) Generation of Part Salary Bills:-

Generation of Pay Bill for a part of the month for an employee is frequently needed by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs). As such, this facility has been made available under the menu -> <HRMS> -> <Pay Bill> -> <Generation of part salary>. Wage bill for the wage earners may also be drawn using the same menu when such an employee is transferred from one office to another and bill is required to be drawn by the two offices for the same month. However, prior to drawal of such wage bill “Loss of Pay Calculation” for “Partial Attendance” is mandatory.

5) Wage Attendance Modification after Approval:-

The “Loss of Pay Calculation” functionality for Wage Attendance Modification even after approval will enable the DDO to modify or reject any such request, if approved erroneously.

6) Change of Bank Account of terminated/retired employees and addition of new beneficiary Bank Account(s) for deceased employees:-

Bank account of the deceased and/or terminated employees or their nominee(s) can be changed/ updated by the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) to pay their dues to the concerned beneficiaries.

7) Entry of Sanction details in respect of Grant in Aid Pay Bills:-

This functionality has also been introduced at DDO level to resolve the issue of recording the Sanction details in respect of Grant in Aid Pay Bills so that it can be reflected in TR31 and can be viewed and checked by the Treasury.

The above facilities will be available with immediate effect.

Joint Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal

No. 3972-F dated 17.12.2021, Source

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