Nijashree Housing Scheme for LIG/ MIG


Shelter is the most basic human need next to food and clothing. The Government of West Bengal is determined to provide a ‘Basha’ (house) to all the people belonging to the Lower Income Group (LIG) and the Middle Income Group (MIG).

There is a growing demand for housing amongst the families belonging to the low and middle income categories. In order to cater to the housing needs of the Lower Income Group and the Middle Income Group, the Housing Department felt the need to make provisions for affordable housing, and decided to introduce a new Housing Scheme, namely ‘NIJASHREE’, which envisages the construction of multi-storeyed LIG/MIG flats on the public lands belonging to the State Government, local bodies and parastatals and thereafter allotting such flats to eligible families by lottery on ownership basis.


i. The scheme envisages the construction of dwelling units of minimum 16 flats in a block of G + 3 buildings on the government lands, lands of local bodies and other parastatals.

ii. 1BHK flats, with a minimum built-up area of 35.15 square metres (378 sq. ft.), will be constructed for the LIG category and 2BHK flats, having a minimum built-up area of 50.96 square metres (559 sq. ft.), will be constructed for the MIG category.

iii. The unit cost will be determined on the basis of the actual cost of construction of the superstructure, substructure and internal infrastructure including sanitary and plumbing internal electrification, etc., incidental therein.

iv. No cost of land shall be taken into account while computing the unit cost. This freehold land will be treated as a subsidy to the beneficiary.

v. The unit cost and standard built-up area may vary, depending on the location and quantum of the land available, as well as the land development cost and the schedule of rates applicable

vi. Off-site infrastructure like the construction of internal roads, boundary wall, outside electrification, making of a drainage system, installation of lights in the campus and water supply shall not be added in the cost of the housing development scheme NIJASHREE, i.e., the purchaser will not have to pay for such infrastructure.

vii. Credit-linked subsidy to the eligible beneficiaries, will be facilitated by the Housing Department, as per the existing scheme.


i. Monthly family income should be Rs.15,000 or less for the LIG

ii. Monthly family income should be Rs.30,000 or less for the MIG

iii. The beneficiary should not have any pucca house/flat in his/her name, or in the name of any family (family includes spouse, unmarried sons or daughters) member in the state.

iv. The applicant/beneficiary should be an inhabitant of the same district in which the scheme site is located,

v. An income certificate should be issued by the SDO/BDO or by the employer or any other competent authority.


i. The applicant must be an inhabitant of the same district in which the project is to be implemented,

ii. One applicant can apply for one flat only for his/her family, Any person allotted with a flat in the scheme cannot apply for the same scheme in another project in his/her district.

iii. There may be one joint applicant for each application. Such joint applications may only be of the husband/wife/dependent parent of the first person.

iv. The selection of beneficiaries and allotment of flats will be done through a transparent lottery in the respective district/sub-division.

v. The waiting list of the eligible applicants, consisting of 20% of the total flats under each category (i.e. LIG and MIG), will be prepared in case the number of applicants is more than the number of flats in a particular project.

vi. Application money, at the rate of Rs.2500 for 1BHK and Rs.5000 for 2BHK, will be charged from the beneficiary at the time of application. This amount will be adjusted with the unit cost and is refundable for the unsuccessful applicants.

vii. The application money will be returned to the unsuccessful applicants within 30 days after issuance of the allotment letter.

viii. No processing fee will be charged.

ix. The instalment payment by the beneficiary will be deposited directly into the Escrow Account to be opened by the Housing Department, for each project.

x. The work for the execution of the scheme will be taken up after getting confirmed bookings of at least 80% of the total flats in the approved scheme project/blockof 1BHK or2BHK,

xi. The project where 80% of bookings/applicants are not available, will be treated as immature, In such a case, the application money will be refunded to all applicants within 30 days from the issuance of the memorandum of the decision of immaturity for that project.

xii. If any statement or document, in support of the application, is found to be false or fabricated at any stage, the application/allotment will be cancelled, The authorities may forfeit the application money,

xiii. In the event of failure of the allottee to deposit any instalment/other charges against the allotted flat as per the time-frame in the Payment Schedule at Para 5, an interest of 8% per annum for the delayed period shall be charged on the delayed payment amounts.

xiv. In case of delayed payment of any instalment/other charges against the allotted flat exceeds six months from the due date, the District Magistrate shall have the right to cancel the allotment offering an opportunity of hearing.

xv. If the allottee surrenders the allotment after payment of the first or second instalment, the amount paid by the allottee will be refunded after deduction of 5% of the said paid amount, without any interest. Surrender of flat will not be allowed after payment of the third instalment.

xvi. The refund will be made through the applicant’s bank account as mentioned by the applicant in the application form.

xvii. In case of failure to hand over the allotted flat to the allottee, in the scheduled time as per agreement made at the time of issuance of the allotment letter, the Housing Department will pay an interest of 8% per annum on the deposited amount to the allottee for the delayed period of handing over of the said flat as per the West Bengal Housing Industry Regulation Act 2017.

xviii. The date of completion of the project and handover of the allotted flat will be intimated at the time of issuance of the allotment letter.


i. A sample application form and a soft copy of the brochure will be available at the website (NIJASHAREE Housing) and the concerned District Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Officer’s office.

ii. The original application form, bearing the printed serial number, will be available from the specific nationalised bank/other banks, as attached in Annexure-X. The duly filled-up application, along with the application money and required documents, are to be submitted at the branch of the bank from where the application was obtained.

iii. Documents to be attached with the application:

1. Original copy of the income certificate

2. Any one document as identity of the applicant: Copy of Voter ID/PAN Card/Aadhar Card/any other photo bearing identity issued by the State/Cental Government

3. Any one document as proof of address: Copy of Voter ID/Aadhar Card/electricity bill/telephone bill/copy of bank passbook, etc.


1st Instalment (Including adjustment of Application money)Within 45 days from the date of issuance of Allotment letter10% of Actual Cost
2nd InstalmentRoof Casting of Ground floor and within 30days from issuance of Demand letter20% of Actual Cost
3rd InstalmentRoof Casting of 1st floor and within 30 days from issuance of demand letter20% of Actual Cost
4th InstalmentRoof Casting of 2nd floor and within 30 days from issuance of demand letter20% of Actual Cost
5th InstalmentRoof Casting of 3rd floor and within 30 days from issuance of demand letter20% of Actual Cost
6th InstalmentBefore possession10% of Actual Cost

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