Online Pension Status by Deptt. of Pension, PF & GI


The Government of West Bengal as well as the Department of Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance (DPPG) has taken an initiative for payment of pension on the date of superannuation or immediately before superannuation to the employees of Non-Government Educational Institutions, Municipalities, Panchayats and certain other Organizations. In this regard DPPG mandate the system of issuing Pension Payment Order (PPO) to the respective employer. For benefits of the employees, DPPG implemented Pension file status query service. The service is available through www.wbfin.nic.in. Gram Panchayat, Industrial Training, Library, Mass Education, Municipality, Panchayat Samiti, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Technical Education, Zilla Parishad Pensioners can know the status of their Pension Files sent by Pension Sanctioning Authorities (PSAs). Pensioner will get status messages as follows:

Pension File StatusMeaning
Pension File received and File No. assigned.Pension File received and a File number given for future reference. The File is being allotted to specified auditors for auditing.
Pension File is under audit.Auditors of DPPG are auditing the Pension File.
Audit is completed and PPO printing under process.Audit is completed for Pension file. Pension calculation and generation of Pension Payment Order (PPO) related tasks are being done.
Objection(s) raised in Pension File and File is under process to return to concerned PSA.Objection(s) found in the Pension File by Auditor(s) and File will be return to concerned PSA/DI for compliance.
PPO generation completed and under despatch.PPO is being dispatched to Pensioner and concerned Treasury office.
Either data entered for query is wrong or File is not yet entered in computer system at DPPG.Input data given to find Pension file status may be wrong or File is yet to be entered in computer system at DPPG.

For more information please contact:

  • The Director, Directorate of Pension, Provident Fund and Group Insurance, Purta Bhavan, 2nd Floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091, Phone No. (033) 23341680
  • The Joint Director, Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance, Purta Bhavan, 2nd floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Phone No. (033) 23341684 (For Secondary Cases)
  • The Deputy Director, Pension, Provident Fund & Group Insurance Purta Bhavan, 2nd floor, Salt Lake, Kolkata – 700091. Phone No. (033) 23371718 (For Primary Cases)

E-Mail Id: wbdppg@gmail.com