Permission for Co-Education in School as per RTE Act, 2009

Heads of the Secondary Institutions recognized by the Board in West Bengal are informed that the Circular issued by WBBSE vide memo No. N/S/192 dated 01.02.2013 is hereby withdrawn.

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
“Nivedita Bhaban” DJ-8, Sec-II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091

Memo No. N/S/194, Date: 13.02.2013


From: The Secretary, W.B.B.S.E.

To: The Heads of all recognized Secondary Institutions

Sub: Permission for Co-education in the school in the light of RTE Act, 2009
Ref: (1) Board’s Memo No. N/S/192, dated 01.02.2013
(2) Commissioner of School Education, W.B.’s memo No. 102/Sc/G dated 11.02.2013.


Pursuant to the modified Memo No. of the Commissioner of School education, Govt. of West Bengal on the subject & memo No. noted above, the Administrator of the W.B.B.S.E. has been pleased to draw the attention of all Heads of the Secondary Institutions in West Bengal recognized by the Board that the Circular issued by the Board vide memo No. N/S/192 dated 01/02/2013 on the subject mentioned above, is hereby withdrawn.

This is for his/her kind information and necessary action.

Yours faithfully,


No. N/S/194 dated 13.02.2013

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