Procedure of Pay Fixation of Employees on Deputation

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Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Audit Branch

No. 2382-F, Dated: 25.03.2009.


Consequent upon introduction of the West Bengal Services (Revision of pay & Allowance) Rules, 2009 and Finance Department’s Memorandum No. 1691-F dt. 23.02.2009, a question has been raised as to how fixation of pay in the revised Pay structure will be done in respect of the State Government Employee who are on deputation on the date of publication of the aforesaid rules.

After careful consideration of the matter, the undersigned is directed by order of the Governor to say that the following methods are to be followed in case of fixation of pay in the revised pay structure in respect of the State Government employees who are on deputation:-

i) The duputationists who are now drawing pay in the pay scales of the deputation posts after opting to adopt pay scale of the borrowing authority, shall not be allowed to exercise option in terms of (i) of the provise to rule 6 of the WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2009, till they repatriate to their parent department;

ii) The deputationists who are drawing pay in their respective cadre post i.e. who have opted to draw grade pay of their parent department’s scale, may opt to come under the revised pay structure and their parent department will accordingly fix their pay under the WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2009, as per option exercised by them;

iii) The deputationists who are drawing grade pay of their cadre post and also drawing deputation allowance in terms of F.D. Memo No. 3728 dt. 26.04.1999 for normal deputation, may also be allowed to exercise option for coming under revised pay-structure in the WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2009. In such cases, the deputationists will continue to draw the existing amount of deputation allowance as on 31st March, 2009 i.e. the amount of deputation allowance which they drew on that date on the basis of the existing unrevised pay until further orders.

2. In all cases of (ii) and (iii) above, the deputations will have to submit option to the Head of office of his parent department under rule of the WBS (ROPA) Rules, 2009 and the Head of office who maintain all records of the service career of the deputationist take steps to fix pay under the revised pay-structure accordingly.

Sd/- B. Lahiri
Deputy Secretary to the
Government of West Bengal
Finance Department

No. 2382-F dated 25.03.2009