Books published by WBBPE and WBBSE for Academic Session, 2014

West Bengal Board of Secondary Education
Nivedita Bhawan, Block – DJ 8, Sector – II, Salt Lake City, Kolkata- 700 091.

Memo No. N/S/243 Date: 20.12.2013

From: The Secretary, WBBSE
To: The Head of all recognized Secondary Institutions in West Bengal


It is notified for information of all Heads of the Secondary Institutions that the Text Books in different subjects for the Class V have been published by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education and for the Classes VI, VII & VIII, the WBBSE has published Text Books for the academic session, 2014. The Books are compulsory for the recognized Secondary Schools of WBBSE.

The Books are as follows :

Class V:

(1) Patabahar-V
(2) Amar Ganit – V
(3) Butterfly – V
(4) Amader Paribesh – V

Class VI:

(1) Sahitya Mela – VI
(2) Blossoms – VI
(3) Ganit Probha – VI
(4) Paribesh-O-Biggan – VI
(5) Atit-O-Aithiya-VI
(6) Amader Prithibi – VI
(7) Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La – VI

Class VII:

(1) Sahitya Mela – VII
(2) Blossoms -VII
(3) Ganit Probha – VII
(4) Paribesh – O – Biggan – VII
(5) Atit – O – Aithiya – VII
(6) Amader Prithibi – VII
(7) Maku – VII


(1) Sahitya Mela-VII
(2) Blossoms -VIII
(3) Ganit Prabha -VIII
(4) Paribesh O Biggan – VIII
(5) Atit -O-Aithiya – VIII
(6) Amader Prithibi – VIII
(7) Pather Panchali – VIII

In this connection all the Head of Institutions are requested not to allow any other book(s) in his/her Institution except the above noted prescribed books.

In case of third language in Classes VII & VIII, the School may select the same books as before and for Classes IX & X, the earlier system of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and the Annual Academic Calendar will remain unchanged until further order.

Sd/- Secretary

No. N/S/243 dated 20.12.2013

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