Revised Book Size & Page Limit Specifications (Class XI,XII)

Higher Secondary Education,

West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education
Vidyasagar Bhavan
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No: DS(ACA)/PUB/86/92/2013, Date: 26.07.2013


Subject: Revised Book Size and Page Limit Specifications for Class XI & XII books and Instructions regarding Renewal of Class XI books with TB NO allotted in the first phase of 2013

Part I: Revised Book size and maximum page limits for Class XII books (2013-2015) and Class XI books (2014-2016)

[In reference to the Notification No. DS(A)SD/0091/2013 published on 04.07.2013 and Notification No. DS(A)SD/PUB/0086/90/2013 published on 19.07.2013 ]

Books may be both in black & white and colour, and size of the book must be

1/8th Double Crown ( 7.25″ X 9.5″ ) for Geography,
1/8th Double Demy ( 8.5″ X 11″ ) for Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biological Science and Accountancy Royal ( 6″ X 9.5″ ) for all other subjects.

Given below are the subject-wise revised maximum page limits for Class XII books (2013-2015) and Class XI books (2014-2016)

Sl NoSubjectsMaximum Page Limit
1Physics, Chemistry, Biological Science600
4Economics, Business Studies400
5All Other Elective Subjects other than Journalism & Mass Communication, Health & Physical Education, Music and Environmental Studies325

Any other instructions provided earlier from our side regarding page limit and book size stands cancelled.

Part II: Instructions regarding Renewal of TB No

This is for all the publishers whose submitted books, meant for Class XI, have been allotted TB No in the first phase of 2013 i.e. books having TB No ending with ‘/2013’.

All the books with TB No are to be renewed from the Academic Section of the Council every year in the month of March. The Council would accept books for renewal from 1st March to 31st March, 2014. 3 copies of the books (two copies without any mention of author and publisher details) along with a bank draft of Rs. 3,000 are to be submitted at the Academic Section towards renewal of TB No.

The book submitted will undergo a comparative review with the marketing copy submitted last year. In case, there is an increase in the number of pages or a substantial deviation in contents is found in the book, that particular book will automatically enter a process of fresh review though the Council won’t be charging anything extra for that purpose from the publisher. If there is no change in the total number of pages and there is no major deviation in the book, that particular book will be allotted a fresh TB No.

Please note that, any book submitted for renewal should satisfy the book size requirements and the page limit specifications mentioned in the present Notification. You are not allowed to increase number of pages in the book from the last year if you do not follow our book size requirements.

The Council will be publishing phase -wise fresh list of books with TB No for Class XI and XII every month starting from the month of December, 2013 and a final comprehensive list will be published in the month of June, 2014 .The Council won’t take any responsibility regarding teaching, learning and evaluation using the other books on the same subjects which would be available at the market.

I would like to make it very clear that the books with TB No which would not be renewed within 31st March of every year won’t be considered as valid books for the following sessions.

In case of any queries arising from our earlier or present notification, please feel free to contact our Academic Section.

Deputy Secretary (Academic)

No. DS(ACA)/PUB/86/92 dated 26.07.2013