Revision of Income Eligibility of Dependent Beneficiaries under WBHS

Government of West Bengal
Finance Department
Medical Cell, Writers’ Building

No. 126-F(MED)WB Dated- 24/06/2022


Sub:- Revision of income eligibility and disclosure of income & disability certification of dependent beneficiaries under WBHS

The employee/ pensioner enrolled under WBHS, can include their dependent parents, son (without permanent disability up to the age of 25 years), son (with permanent disability irrespective of age), unmarried/ widow/ divorced daughter, unmarried/ widow/ divorced sister and minor brother up to the age of 18 years as dependent beneficiary subject to compliance of income and others eligibility criteria as per Notification No. 7287-F dated 19.09.2008 read with Nos. 6722-F dated 09.07.2022 and 10531-F(MED) dated 10.11.2010. Revision of maximum income ceiling and other eligible criteria were under active consideration for some time past.

After careful observation of all aspects, the Governor is now pleased to revise the maximum income ceiling and other eligibility criteria for inclusion of dependent beneficiary in WBHS as per following guidelines:

  1. An amount of Rs. 8500/- for parent and Rs. 5000/- for other members of the family has been fixed as the maximum ceiling of gross income/ earning for becoming the dependent beneficiary under the Scheme.
  2. Income certificate for working/ retired dependent beneficiary is to be obtained from his/her head of the office and a “self declaration of income” in Annexure-V (Format enclosed) will be taken from the employee/ pensioner concerned for their non-working dependent beneficiary.
  3. “Self Declaration of Income” for the dependent members whose age exceeds 18 years as on date to be submitted once in every two year in between the month of May and June starting from year 2023 to avail uninterrupted medical facility under the scheme.
  4. Son of the employee/ pensioner exceeding the age of 25 years and suffers from permanent disabilities more than 40% either physically or mentally shall be eligible to become dependent beneficiary under WBHS irrespective of his age subject to submission of the Disability Certificate issued by the competent authority. Disability Certificate shall be reviewed by the competent authority at the end of every two years.

This order will come into effect from date of issuance.

This has the approval of Additional Chief Secretary, Finance Department.

Enclo:- As stated

Aloke Kumar Mukherjee, WBA & AS
Joint Secretary, Finance Department
Government of West Bengal

No. 126-F dated 24.06.2022, Source

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