Mid Day Meal

Mid Day Meal Scheme is the popular name for school meal program in India which started in 1960. It involves provision of lunch free of cost to school children on all working days.

Rate of Cooking Cost of Mid-Day Meal, 2014

School Education,

The rate of Cooking Cost per child per school day (PCPD) as provided by the Central Government and State Government has been revised with effect from 01.07.2014.

Use of LPG for Cooking Mid-Day-Meal in School

School Education,

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (L.P.G.) is considered to be safe, economic, time-saving and smoke-free fuel for cooking Mid-day Meal in school. The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD). Govt. of India insists on use of LPG under Cooked Mid-day Meal Programme (CMDMP).

Safety Measures for Cooking Mid-day-Meal in School

Fire & Emergency Services,

Guidelines issued on safety measures for the schools operating Mid-day Meal Scheme after discussion of the Principal Secretary, Department of Fire & Emergency Services and the Secretary, School Education Department.

Special Vigil on Mid Day Meal Scheme in Summer

School Education,

Special attention should be given on hygiene. You have to make sure that the Cooks and Teachers taste the Mid Day Meal before feeding the children and no contamination occurs in the food.

Norms for Engagement of MDM Cook-cum-Helpers

School Education,

Cook-cum-helpers are engaged to cook meals in eligible primary and upper primary schools and serve the hot cooked meals to the students at noon. They are engaged on the basis of number of students enrolled in schools.

Hygiene and Safety of Cooked Mid Day Meal served to Students

School Education,

In view of some incidents in the country mishaps occurring during serving of Mid-day Meals, all concerned are requested to keep themselves vigilant while serving hot cooked meals to the students with a view to avoid such mishaps.

Submission of Mid-day-Meal Status Report alongwith Salary Requisition

School Education, ,

HM/TIC of all Schools/Madrasahs are instructed to submit Mid-day-Meal Status Report (ANNEXURE-A) with their salary Requisition (Hard copy) at the Grant-in-aid Section. Without Mid-day-Meal Status Report Salary Requisition will not be accepted.

Quick Implementation of Cooked Mid-Day Meal Programme (CMDMP)

School Education,

All Head of the Institutions are further informed that they must submit the Status Report of CMDMP in the prescribed format along with monthly salary requisition of the respective schools. Otherwise, Salary Bill will not be accepted.

Mid Day Meal Supervision – Hygiene and Safety

School Education,

Inspection regarding all schools to check the functioning of CMDMP with special emphasis on Hygienic and safety in the MDM Programme.

Mid-Day-Meal Calendar for the Financial Year 2013-14

School Education,

All eligible students attending the institutions must be served MDM on all school days including Saturdays irrespective of the approved number of students and working days.
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