Pregnancy is counted as 40 weeks, starting from the first day of the mother’s last menstrual period.

Concern regarding Rising Caesarean Section (CS) Rates


Concern has been raised regarding rising Caesarean Section (CS) rates especially when it is medically not indicated, thus exposing the pregnant women and babies to potential harm.

Free Medicines to all Pregnant Women before Discharge


All required medicines shall be provided to all pregnant women at the time of discharge from the health facility itself, so that they do not have to incur any out of pocket expenditure.

National Guidelines for Deworming in Pregnancy


Deworming of all pregnant women would be carried out in our State as per “National Guidelines for Deworming in Pregnancy” module.

Revised Operational Strategy for Oral Iron for Pregnant Women


Under the National Iron + Initiative, iron and folic acid supplementation is being given across life stages including pregnant, lactating women and adolescent girls at health facilities and during outreach activities.

Provision of Safe Abortion Care Services


Safe Abortion Care Services will be provided through empanelled Private registered Medical Practitioners at public health facilities which do not have CAC trained MOs till date or will not be provided with CAC trained MOs in 2014-15.

Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Counselor


RMNCH Counselor is being placed at the public sector health facilities under the National Health Mission to play a key role in increasing awareness and generating demand for the various RMNCH services provided at the facilities.

Single Dose of Vitamin A to all Post Natal Mothers


To improve vitamin A status of the newborn the state has decided to administer single dose of 2 lac I.U. Vitamin A in oil orally to all post natal mothers immediately after delivery.

Information regarding Antenatal Clinic


Antenatal Clinic will start from 2-00 pm and will remain open up to 4-00 pm in addition to the routine OPD services as before from 9-00 am onwards at the PHC, BPHC & RH twice weekly on Monday and Friday as a value-added service.

Providing Free Diagnostic to Pregnant Women and Sick Infants


All Pregnant women and Sick infants up to 1 year of age attending OPD or IPD of a Govt. Institution, are provided with free services, free drugs and consumables, free diagnostic services, free blood transfusion, free diet and free transport without their having to incur any out of pocket expenditure.

Guideline on Utilization of Pregnancy Testing Kit at Sub-center


Govt. of India will directly supply PTKs to the state. The State should ensure that 5% of total stock of PTKs is kept as buffer stock and rest will be supplied to the district based on its projected requirement.

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