Technical Vetting Power of the Engineers under Panchayat

Financial limit for technical vetting of any scheme for Sub-Assistant Engineers, Assistant Engineers, Executive Engineers and Superintendent Engineers will remain unchanged.

Panchayats & Rural Development

Exemption of Vetting Fees for Development Authorities

Urban Development Department had requested PWD for waiving of vetting fee for checking of Plans, Estimates, tender papers, etc. as they are fully funded by State Government.

Public Works

Levy of Vetting Fee for Checking of Plans, Estimates etc.

Various Government departments are coming up with proposal for waiving of vetting fee for checking of plans, estimates, tender papers etc. framed by agencies other than PWD.

Public Works

Vetting of Estimate of Works originating in Districts/ Kolkata

Estimates for works originating in districts can only be vetted by the respective Superintending Engineers/ Zonal Chief Engineers.

Public Works

Technical Vetting of Schemes under B.C.W. Department

Each scheme with estimated cost up to Rs. 3,50,000/- for General work will require technical vetting by Sub-Assistant Engineer of this department or any Technical Officer of same rank.


Financial Power of Engineer Officers

Assistant Engineers have the Tender Acceptance Power of Rs. 3 lakhs + 5% excess of Tender value as per the new delegation of financial power rule.