• Direct Engagement of Contractual Computer Operators under Govt.

    The Department of Personnel & Administrative Reforms (e-Governance Cell) has accorded approval in respect of direct engagement under Government and extending service benefits to the above mentioned Computer Operators engaged contractually in different offices under Public Works Department.

  • Service Benefits of Contractual IT Personnel (DEO/ Computer Operator)

    These contractually engaged IT personnel shall be given security of engagement upto the age of 60 years. They shall not be terminated except on the grounds as prescribed in No. 9008-F(P) dated 16-09-2011.

  • Procurement of Man Power Supply Services through WBEIDC/ WTL

    Payment to WBEIDC/ WTL for supply of manpower shall include:- Consolidated wages as allowed by Finance Department in its Memo No. 1032-F(P2) Dated. 08.02.2019. Employers contribution to EPF, Contribution to ESI, GST, Agency Fee/ Commission @1%, Administrative charges.

  • Revised Guidelines for Procurement of Goods/ Services from WTL

    Procurement of I.T. products like computers and peripherals, printers, scanners, photocopiers etc. can be made through WTL only if the product is not available in GeM. For this WTL will be allowed a commission of 2% on the value of the products procured.